Gates column forms

Gates column forms

Concrete foundation walls using snap tie forms

The Gates Lok Quick Column Clamp system is still one of the most commonly used column forming systems on the market. Why is it so well-liked? It’s simple, with no loose parts or bits, and it’s built for quick concrete placement.
Your column forms will be built to complete liquid head pour rates by the design team at UFP Concrete Forming Solutions, and they will be pre-assembled and shipped to your jobsite the day you are ready to set your forms by the manufacturing workers at any of our 35 nationwide facilities. There are no loose bits in our column shapes. Pre-attached Gates Adjustable Form Braces and Pick Up Loops will also be included.
This device will provide you with the highest-quality concrete finish available. By back screwing all fasteners and adding new plastic chamfer, our manufacturing teams leave your plywood facing blemish-free. This method of manufacture guarantees the highest degree of reusability for your plywood, as well as some of the best-looking concrete you’ll ever see.
With your Gates Lok Quick Column Clamps, UFP Concrete Forming Solutions also offers an inventory solution. We will provide tear-down services and clean and inventory your assets so they’re ready to use on your next column or job if you arrange for your column forms to be returned to your local UFP facility. There’s no need to take up valuable jobsite or yard space with forms that can be used for your next project.

Board formed concrete – 10 tips

Gates Concrete Shaping Systems welcomes you. Do you have any concrete forming issues? We’re a pioneer in residential and commercial concrete forming materials, so we can help. If you can’t find what you’re looking for on our website, give us a call. If your project needs cast-in-place concrete, we’re likely to have a solution. Horizontal rod systems lift n lock platforms lock fast column clamp s radius forms anchor locks cam lock custom wood forms gang form risers gang form adapter steel hand set risers Since 1948, gates & sons, inc. has been a pioneer in concrete forming. For residential and commercial building, gate s offers forming goods. The horizontal rod system for residential construction; the cam-lock system for easy hand-set forming; four sizes of anchor-lock gang systems for light to heavy duty gang forming; and the lock fast column clamp for rapid placement column forming are our main lines of goods. With the lift n lock protection platform, collapsible inside corner, and pin lock outside corner, we specialize in elevator shaft formation. Gates creates seat risers, step shapes, and connections for stadiums and auditoriums, as well as stairwells. Column and gang types are often custom-built by Gates.

Gatecrafters | building a gate column

Our reputable engineering team is dedicated to providing excellent service to clients and fulfilling their standards. Our engineers hold Professional Engineering (P.E.) licenses in several states and use their technical experience to provide high-quality drawings and professional plans that meet the standards and specifications of each project.
The technical data and implementation guidelines issued by the manufacturer are followed in our application design layouts. Furthermore, our design requirements comply with all of the design recommendations made by ACI Committee 347 in Chapter 2 of their Guide to Concrete Formwork.
The Symons Flex-Form device is constructed entirely of steel and offers both strength and flexibility.
Integral 4″ deep vertical stiffeners with 3/16″ steel skin plate provide up to a 1,200 PSF framework in the Flex-Form.
Flex-Form can conform to any radius of five feet or more.
The Symons Handset Steel-Ply forming system is a pre-engineered, factory-built, reusable concrete forming system that outperforms job-built plywood formwork and other forming methods in terms of productivity and cost. It can be used in a variety of industrial and residential handset or gang type applications. This system can create walls of almost any shape or size, and the quick set-up and take-down saves time. There’s no need for weighing, sawing, drilling, or nailing. Since it has no top or bottom, left or right, and can be used vertically or horizontally, it needs little preparation.

The fastest square and rectangle column formwork with

Stopping the water Cup with a key KeycupTM is a multi-purpose, reusable concrete accessory that is used to keep waterstop in place while also forming a keyed construction joint. The following are examples of standard applications:
Frame Shoring in a Flash
CS&E has 40K square feet of frames, cross braces, meter screw jacks, and stringers in stock.
3′, 4′, 5′, and 6′ in height
2′ & 4′ Widths
24 kip device ranking (based on height and span).
Light and heavy concrete slab shoring, re-shoring, and beam shoring are all potential applications.
Forming Specialist Consultation, AutoCad developed layout drawings, Invoice and Document Control, PE Stamp Drawings, and Delivery if required are all CS&E services.
Employees at Contractors Supply & Equipment Co. are dedicated to providing clients with the highest level of support, communication, and expertise. There is no such thing as a small or large work, structure, or necessary task. Our aim is to win client loyalty by demonstrating our ability to achieve results.

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