Galaxy s4 screen not working

Galaxy s4 screen not working

Samsung galaxy s3,s4,s5 phone display unresponsive or

Have you found a solution to your problem? With the Galaxy Tab S4, I’m having the same problem. It began around 2-3 weeks ago. The tablet itself is fine, but the front and back cameras are both broken, preventing facial recognition from unlocking the device. I rebooted it after clearing the cache and data. After that, the front camera operated for facial recognition, but the rear camera had the same issue. I’ve taken good care of the unit and just use it a few times a month, if at all, in the almost two years I’ve had it. I do check the battery to ensure that it is charged and that it is never fully drained. It just seems peculiar. It happened in the dark when I was using WhatsApp video in Secure Folder, and the camera suddenly stopped working. I assumed it was just the phone call, but the issue has persisted. The front camera works intermittently after I modified the OS, but the rear camera does not. I bought an extended warranty, but I’ll be returning it.

Samsung galaxy s4 screen and charging port fix. complete

I tested the software on a number of devices, including Samsung Galaxy Tabs & Notes (ICS / JB), LG tablets (Android Kitkat 4.4.0), Amazon Kindle Fire HDX (Android JB fork), and the Genymotion Simulator for Android 4.2 to 4.4.
However, I find a lot of screen flickering on the Samsung Galaxy S4 phone (Android KitKat 4.4.4), which is supposed to be a powerhouse that outperforms the competition. They only appear while animations are being played, so they must be a side effect. The rest of the devices never have this issue.
All of this was triggered by the Samsung Galaxy S4’s highly optimized Firmware & Kernel “SlimSaberKat.” All ran smoothly and without flickering after reverting to a stock Firmware, as intended.
The kernel allowed a special advanced rendering mode that the phone currently does not support entirely. Those modes are set in the build.prop file in the device partition’s root directory and are connected to the graphics pipeline’s very low-level data. Unfortunately, the simplest HW accelerated mode that works flawlessly in this phone is “gpu.” C2D and [I can’t remember] are two other modes that support Full Hardware Composition in addition to C2D. These modes cause flickering on this phone, but they are expected to minimize CPU load significantly.

Samsung galaxy s4 mysterious display failure

If the pin connector and touch screen are gone or terminated due to a water damaged Samsung I9505 Galaxy S40 in the water, you may need to search for and locate a bridge. This solution can alleviate your frustration with trying to figure out where to solder a jumper wire in order to fix a touch screen that isn’t working.
This solution demonstrates how to attach pin connector touch screen design PCB Samsung I9505 Galaxy S4 in a precise manner. Since it’s the only choice, you can only need to check the corresponding output pins cut if the link already or have a circuit open, then solder a bridge over it.
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All samsung galaxy phones: black screen/ cant see screen

My Samsung Galaxy S4 unexpectedly stops displaying something on the phone. It vibrates and acts as if anything functions but the display. It will sometimes flash something that looks like a part of the android man, but it flashes so quickly that I can’t tell if that’s what it is or if it’s just flashing.
It’s likely that the phone took a hit during the day that caused this problem, but other people who have had this problem haven’t had it because of a hit or drop, so I’m not certain that any hit it took during the day caused this problem or whether it’s software-related.
Remove the battery and re-insert it to see if that helps. Then press and hold the power button, home button, and volume up buttons for a few seconds before the screen turns on. If nothing appears on the device, check to see if your battery is charged. If that doesn’t succeed, try it once more. Try it again, but this time use the volume down instead of the volume up. If that doesn’t work, it’s almost certainly a hardware problem. It’s not tech because the most recent update was a few months ago, so it would have happened sooner.

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