Galaxy note 4 wont connect to pc

Galaxy note 4 wont connect to pc

Fix problem with computer cannot recognize the samsung

My Note 4 had the same problem. Installed drivers, enabled developer options, used code *#0808#, reverted to factory settings, and other techniques/solutions found online. None of them performed. To try to root the machine, I eventually put it into download mode (by powering off then pressing the home key, volume down button and power button simultaneously). I then canceled the process and restarted the phone by pressing the volume down key (without rooting it). It’s now remembered after being connected to my device.
I tried downloading in download mode, but it didn’t work. I was using a haphazard micro USB cable I had lying around. I wanted to use the factory cable, and my machine remembered the phone as soon as it was plugged in, enabling me to access all of the device’s features.
The true craziness is that it has something to do with my USB PORTS! I had so many gadgets attached to my computer’s USB ports, and there wasn’t enough capacity to talk! It succeeded after I disconnected a bunch of devices and tried different ports again. I’m sure it wasn’t having a complete 5 volts?

Enable usb debugging on samsung note 4

When I attach my Samsung Note 4 via USB cable to my PC after upgrading to Windows 10, I am unable to see the files on Windows Explorer. I reinstalled the system driver, but it did not solve the issue. My phone companion instructs me to “unlock” the unit.
It turned out to be a very easy repair. When you plug in the USB cable, it automatically switches to charging mode. Tap on USB charging if you pull up the notification settings by dragging your finger from the top down. Then you simply pick the file transfer mode from here.

Samsung galaxy note 4 how to enable or turn on developer

If you attach the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 to your computer through USB, the device will not be recognized as a media device. As a consequence, it is difficult to copy images, audio, or videos from the internal memory. The PC only recognizes the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 as a camera module. If this describes your case, we’ll show you how to correctly recognize the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 as a Media Device from your PC in this manual.
The “USB debugging” option, which can be found in the developer options of your Samsung Galaxy Note 4, must be enabled for this. Please follow these directions if you haven’t already unlocked the developer options on your Samsung Galaxy Note 4.
After you’ve activated developer options on your device, go to the settings and press the “Developer Options” button. You’ll be sent a list of options to choose from. The “USB debugging” option is now available in the “Debugging” section.
To allow this feature on your Samsung Galaxy Note 4, check the checkbox. This mode begins automatically when your smartphone is connected to your computer via USB cable, and it is responsible for your computer recognizing the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 as a media device.

How to fix not working samsung galaxy note 4 usb charging

It won’t turn on or give any hint that it’s charging. There is no battery indicator on the phone. There isn’t a battery led. I removed the case’s body and it charged, with the led as the only indicator. The case would not charge or turn on when I put it on. Is it appropriate to replace the charging port board and battery, or is there anything else I should do? Thank you.
Since the battery completes the circuit, it does not turn on if the battery is dead. This could be the case if the battery is absolutely dead… Generally, the battery is sensitive for booting the phone, and the adapter will power both the phone and the battery if it is plugged in.
This may seem odd, but it worked perfectly for me! Remove the battery, position the phone in a zip lock pocket, and freeze it for 20 minutes. Take it out and replace the battery right away, and it should power up! I first heard about this about a year ago and thought it was a joke, but it’s not, and it works… Please let me know if this solution works for you!

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