Galaxy note 3 pen

Galaxy note 3 pen

Samsung galaxy note 3 s pen tips and tricks

You’ll never want to use the on-screen keyboard again once you’ve become addicted to the Samsung Galaxy Note 3’s S Pen for taking notes. The Samsung Galaxy S Pen’s tip simulates a finger press, tap, or swipe to provide a full touch-screen experience without leaving any fingerprints. You can use the S Pen to take short notes, draw, or edit, as well as perform all of the usual touch-screen functions. For even faster input, you can use the multifunction button on the pen with shortcut gestures. Simply position the S Pen on top of the screen and press the embedded button to enable Air Command, which provides immediate access to a range of useful new features. This new feature simplifies a variety of activities, including making a note or memo, compiling all of your photographs and other material into a scrapbook, and more.

Samsung galaxy note 3: die acht coolsten s-pen-funktionen

Step 3: Experiment with Other Options (Optional)

Galaxy note 3 s pen features tips & tricks

Although auto-launching apps with your S Pen is great, Note Buddy has a lot more to offer, such as customizable notification text, custom sound effects, and a customizable QuickBar for your favorite apps to use with the S Pen.
Optional Alerts
You can configure your status bar and notification panel settings here. When you remove the S Pen, tap on Notification Text to alter the text that appears in your status bar. If you want to use the S Pen with more than one app, you can toggle Allow QuickBar on to build shortcuts to three different apps. When your S Pen is removed, the QuickBar will appear in your notification screen.
Actions should be attached
We will do the same thing when the S Pen is attached, just as we did when the S Pen was detached. I normally finish using my phone when I put the S Pen back in its slot, so I have Note Buddy lock the screen until the S Pen is attached. To do so, tap on Lock at the bottom of the screen instead of Application, as we did before. In order for Note Buddy to lock your phone, you’ll need to make it a system administrator. Scroll down to the General tab on the main menu, tap Device Administrator, then Enable at the bottom. If you ever need to uninstall Note Buddy, make sure you first deactivate it.

Samsung galaxy note 3 | how to use the direct pen feature

I used a tablet for just over four years, but when I say tablet, I mean the old-school kind with an active digitizer and Windows, back before capacitive multitouch became commonplace. When I first saw the Note, I was ecstatic to see an active digitizer in a mobile device, complete with all of the hover and pressure features that come with it. Since capacitive panels lack the resolution and fidelity needed for the type of writing I used to do, I still find it impossible to use styli on them.
The digitizer consistency and S-Pen formula remain unchanged on the Note 3, which is a good thing. It’s still the same pen, with the same sensitivity and hover distance, and it’s still Wacom-based, as far as I can tell. I’m not going to go into great detail about S-Pen because we’re on our third version of Note (and several tablets) with the pen, so it should be familiar to readers by now.
The Note 3 stores the pen inside the phone in essentially the same place as its predecessors, and the pen has the same pen-removal detection and single button. I have no concerns about how it looks or how good it allows me to write on the screen, and the Note continues to do an excellent job of wrist rejection, allowing you to rest your hand on it for fine-grained drawing with a little extra help.

Replacing spen tip of samsung galaxy note 3 and note 2

Is it a phone, or something else? Is it a tablet computer? It’s really somewhere in the centre, but one thing is certain: the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is a mobile powerhouse with a slew of cool features and tricks. Some will be familiar to Android fans right away, while others are exclusive to Samsung’s TouchWiz user interface. We’ve assembled a list of ten of the best hints for this big blower in the hopes of making your experience even better.
It goes without saying that a phone with a 5.7-inch screen would be very wide. The Galaxy Note 3, in particular, is nearly impossible to use with one hand unless you have Yeti-sized hands. Go to Settings > Controls and select the One-handed activity menu to make it a little simpler. You can adjust the phone’s user interface elements from here to make them easier to access if you’re using it with one hand.
When you remove the S Pen stylus from the Galaxy Note 3’s dock, a pop-up window with different choices appears. Although this is helpful to some extent, it can become irritating over time. By going to Settings > Controls > S Pen, and then choosing Pen detachment options, you can turn this off. If you pick “zero,” the next time you remove it from the dock, you won’t be faced with a slightly annoying menu of choices you don’t like.

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