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From beyond gif

Alex chung of giphy on the history of gifs

GIFs have a vibrant cultural life on the internet, and each one has its own distinctive style. GIFs are common on the internet, addressing resolution and bandwidth problems in everything from Myspace graphics to advertisement images to porn banners and beyond. Animated GIFs, in particular, have progressed from a mostly cinematic, cell-based medium of art practice to being used in music videos and as stimulating narrative devices on blogs in recent years. The artists in The GIF Show illustrate the variety of forms found in GIFs, from the flashy to the sparse, sonic to silent, and many of them comment on the wider social life of these image files.

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GIFs are useful for a variety of purposes because they are short, sweet, and to the point. These looped animations are suitable for situations where a brief visual message is all that is needed. After all, having the gist of a GIF doesn’t necessitate headphones or the user’s undivided attention.
Do you need any ideas about what kinds of GIFs your company can make?
We’ve compiled a list of ten noteworthy GIFs. Use these strategies to share your story in an impactful way, from product demos to sales promotions.
The best GIFs aren’t necessarily the most colorful or flashy. Often all you need is a few lines of interchanging text to get your message across. Choose colors that are complementary to your brand’s logo and identity, as well as typefaces that are simple and easy to read.

Why facebook just paid $400m for gifs

What kind of toolchain was used to make these? Is there a program that does this automatically, or do people create GIF images by taking screencasts and converting them to a set of static frames?
Then, using Desktop Recorder, take a screenshot of a portion of the screen/application to use as a screencast. MPlayer will be used to capture JPEG screenshots and save them to the ‘output’ directory after the Desktop Recorder has saved the recording as an OGV video.
Byzanz-record-window has the -c flag to indicate that any arguments to my shell script are appended to byzanz-record itself. Byzanz can include the cursor in the screencast if the -c flag is used.
If you aren’t running a supported version of Ubuntu (you can definitely update! ), you can either download the new version from the GitHub page and manually fulfill the dependencies (you can get yad and ffmpeg from here and here, respectively), or if you are running a slightly more recent version such as 13.10, you can try installing the.deb directly.

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GIF promotes technologies that help people in developed countries who earn less than the equivalent of $5 per day (PPP), with a specific emphasis on those who earn less than $2 per day (PPP). GIF also looks for technologies that support disadvantaged groups including women and children, the disabled, minorities and indigenous peoples, refugees and displaced communities, and other vulnerable populations.
GIF describes “innovation” as any solution that has the potential to better the lives of the poor in developing countries than current approaches. Across all related fields, this includes innovative goods or services, policy practices, business models, organizational or manufacturing processes, behavioral perspectives, or ways of providing products and services that support the disadvantaged. Social corporations, for-profit companies, non-profit organizations, scholars, academics, government agencies, and any other related entity or person could all contribute to these technologies.

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