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Interview with Freshly Inked Magazine COLT, SIERRA When did you first start tattooing? In 1994, I began dabbling in tattoos, studying as much as I could and rounding up all of my eager guinea pigs to sacrifice their skin. I spent a lot of time traveling and studying in various shops. But it wasn’t until 1998 that I became completely concentrated.
Where did you do your apprenticeship? I didn’t have the advantage of a formal apprenticeship. While getting tattooed in Minnesota, I heard as much as I could from various musicians. I’d worked it out enough to start experimenting on my colleagues. Matt Messiano, an old family acquaintance, owned a shop in Buffalo, NY, and invited me to live in the apartment below his shop during the summer. I went in with the intention of starting an apprenticeship, and they told me, “We’re all busy–you got this next customer.” Within the first hour, I was tattooing! I had a crash course in tattooing by the end of the week. That summer, I tattooed three to five people a day while soaking up as much experience as I could from the other artists. I basically picked up everything I wanted to know on the job. All day long, Tasmanian Devils and Cherry Creek flash. I’ll make amends someday and go back and patch all those early tattoos.

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Inked is a tattoo lifestyle digital media platform that bills itself as the insider media for the outsiders. Inked, like Vice, has transitioned from the newsstand to a digital media company, and a brand that sits among GQ and Vanity Fair, covering music, fashion, art, sports, and the rest of the tattooed lifestyle. Kat Von D,[1] Avril Lavigne,[2] Diablo Cody,[3] Eve,[4] and Malin Akerman[5] are among the tattooed women who have graced the cover of Inked. Ozzy Osbourne, Tracy Morgan, Slash, Kid Cudi, and Billie Joe Armstrong are among the celebrities who have met with Inked. [10] Inked even covers tattoo artists; in their Icon feature, they honor the best, including Don Ed Hardy,[11], Horiyoshi III,[12], and Ami James, among others.
Inked was first released in late 2004 and ran for a year. The magazine was acquired by Downtown Media Company in 2006, but it was never published. Inked was purchased by Pinchazo Publishing Group Inc in August 2007. [14] To update the magazine, the company employed Todd Weinberger as the creative director, followed by Jason Buhrmester as the editor. Rocky Rakovic was appointed Editor after Burhmester left in the spring of 2010. Rakovic enlisted the support of celebrities such as Adam Levine, Jessica White, and Adam Goldberg. Inked has collaborated with photographers such as Terry Richardson, Ellen Stagg, and Warwick Saint.

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Freshly Inked Magazine published my interview with award-winning tattoo artist Tim Harris in Volume 2/Issue 6. Harris is known for his photorealistic tattoos, which include pinup girls and intricate sleeves. At Hope Gallery Tattoo in Connecticut, he tattoos alongside Joe Capobianco, a well-known pinup artist and former Best Ink judge.
I was given the opportunity to ask Harris a wide range of questions about his artistic history, motivation, and ever-evolving style. In a group of other tattoo artists, this interview was featured first.

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