Free wordpress books

Free wordpress books

Ebooks with wordpress – woocommerce digital products

WordPress is a fantastic website for selling ebooks on the internet. It gives you complete power of how your books are sold. You still get to keep 100% of the sales, with no split from Amazon or another store.
Since there are two forms of WordPress, it’s important to make sure you’re using the correct one. is a web hosting service that offers a limited version of the WordPress content management system. is free, open-source software that anyone can use to build a fully functioning website.
But first, you’ll need to get a domain name (which costs about $14.99 per year) and WordPress hosting ($7.99 a month). To accept payments on your website, you’ll also need an SSL Certificate ($69.99/year).
Divi comes with built-in elements, modules, and customization options to help you fine-tune the appearance of your website. With a simple theme options panel, you can also undo, redo, or rewrite your changes. It’s also simple to incorporate social media icon ties.
WP Engine, the most successful controlled WordPress hosting company, has acquired StudioPress. When you sign up for WP Engine hosting to create your website, you’ll get this theme as well as all 35+ other StudioPress themes.

Responsive flipbook wordpress plugin – creating books

The plugin integrates our free, dynamically updated book newsfeeds into your pages, making it easy to monetize any blog about books, writing, or publishing. This plugin is an excellent addition to your site if you are an author, book blogger, reviewer, or if your blog is in any way connected to the topic of books.
After installing the plugin (which only takes a few minutes), you’ll have an excellent range of high-quality free books added to your site, both totally free (permafree) and free through Amazon’s Kindle Unlimted program. You will receive commission any time a visitor purchases the Book Promotion offer from your site using your ClickBank affiliate connection embedded in the ‘Submit Your Book’ tab.
Our dynamically updated news feed will keep your site fresh with new content and links to high-quality free books, and we provide you with beautifully formatted newsfeeds for all of the major book genres:
Since our content is highly successful and earns a lot of organic “likes” and “shares,” you can certainly see a rise in social interaction. This material will appeal to your guests as well, and they will naturally want to share it. Simply add social sharing buttons to the bottom of your site (if you haven’t already), and when people engage, your site will be shared.

How to sell an e-book on wordpress | crash course 2017

You’re able to install WordPress now that you’ve signed up for hosting. Your site will be up and running in no time if you follow the steps in our full step-by-step guide on how to start a WordPress blog.
Astra is a WordPress theme that can be used to build a website for an author. It’s designed with writers in mind, with a separate blog page for connecting with readers. To make the website stand out, the theme includes a responsive design and crisp typography.
Divi is a versatile WordPress theme with hundreds of pre-built templates and a drag-and-drop page builder. Their author layout is ideal for putting together a website to promote your book and communicate with your target audience.
With only a few taps, you can import the Divi author layout and have a mobile-responsive website ready to go. There will be a gallery, a store, landing pages, social buttons, and other features. Using the drag and drop page builder software, you can easily substitute Divi’s demo content with your own.
Author Pro gives you the option of putting your best-selling books front and center on the homepage. You can add landing pages, categories, and tags to a personalized navigation menu to help readers find books they want to purchase. Author Pro is an SEO-friendly WordPress theme that is totally sensitive.

Bookstore wordpress themes for selling ebooks and physical

Self-paced learning and easily gaining useful knowledge from experts are often made simpler with books. There are hundreds, if not thousands, of books on the market about WordPress. It can be difficult to know where to begin when there is so much possible reading material available.
This year’s most successful WordPress book, WordPress All-in-One For Dummies, is for good reason. It comes with a collection of eight mini books that cover simple WordPress topics in an easy-to-understand manner. SEO, social media, WordPress plugin growth, and multisite networks are just a few of the topics covered in this book.
It gives a basic introduction to WordPress and is ideal for beginners who want an all-in-one resource at their fingertips. It’s also worth reading for intermediate to advanced users who need to brush up on a few main skills.
The ‘Dummies’ franchise is known for its lighthearted approach to a range of educational topics. Even the most technical aspects of the novel are kept from being too dense or overwhelming by the occasional sprinkling of humor in the book. In a language you can understand, you’ll learn useful tips, strategies, and advice on how to use WordPress properly.

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