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Free tv domain

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Anyone can register second-level domains in TV, with the exception of reserved names such as,,, and others. Since it is an abbreviation of the word television, the domain name is common and therefore economically beneficial. Tuvalu’s government attempted to capitalize on suffix’s similarity to “television” in 1998. [1] Revenues addresses provided approximately 10% of the government of Tuvalu’s revenue in 2010. [2] After acquiring the two-letter top-level Internet domain, Tuvalu’s government partnered with the International Telecommunications Union to develop a mechanism for choosing a domain suffix management partner. [three]
On August 6, 1998, the Government of Tuvalu signed a license agreement with Information.CA of Toronto, in which it agreed to pay an up-front payment of US$50 million for exclusive marketing rights to Tuvalu’s domain until 2048[3], with Corporation International serving as the country manager/delegate of the Government of Tuvalu for extension. The delays in payment of US$50 million prompted further talks with Information.CA.

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Tuvalu is located halfway between Australia and Hawaii in the South Pacific Ocean. It is divided into eight districts and consists of four islands, five atolls, and over 100 islets. The war is on. The TV economy is primarily focused on subsistence farming and fishing, as well as foreign aid. Stamps, fishing licenses, telecommunications utilities, and the ccTLD are all available for purchase. The primary source of income is television. Today, the conventional community structure still remains. The remote and low-lying isolated islands are thought to be threatened by increasing sea levels.

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The ISO-3166 list assigns the country code top level domain name (ccTLD).tv to the Polynesian island nation of Tuvalu. .tv Company International, a Verisign affiliate, actually operates the ccTLD. It’s marketed as an open ccTLD because it’s available for registration outside of Tuvalu, and it’s based on the abbreviation “television.” ccTLD is mostly used by entities involved in animation, film, and television, as well as bloggers and blogs that feature video material. 1st Colombia’ and Montenegro’ are two other open ccTLDs.
Tuvalu’s Finance Minister, Lotoala Metia, reported in July 2010 that his government was unhappy with its deal with Verisign. The Finance Minister said in an interview with Radio New Zealand International, “We’re negotiating, but we’re constrained by the agreement that came before us. We won’t be able to discuss a raise until 2016. Counter-offers have been made, but they are rejected by the current government. As a result, we must now stick to our weapons. They’re handing out peanuts to us.” [number six] Verisign offered Tuvalu an extra $1 million a year on the condition that it continue to act as the domain name’s registry operator. Tuvalu declined the bid. [nine]

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