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As a companion to our December catalog, Free People has released a short film named “The Cabin.” As the film begins, videographer Jacques Naude unintentionally discovers footage from a previous weekend. Memories of him and his mother, Noot Seear, debating the future of their passionate relationship flood back. Faced with life changes that threatened to separate them, the pair decided to return to the place where their romance began: a rustic Maine cabin. We can see their romance grow there. The two will find a brief respite in simple moments together, surrounded by nature’s harmony. One can see that their love is genuine through intimacy, laughter, and adventure. Would what they’ve learned keep them together or help them to let go of each other? As the weekend draws to a close, we learn what Jacques and Noot’s next steps are.

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With the dawn, four women rise. Everyone has a need to sweat. They have complete control of their surroundings and can go anywhere they want in it. Their wellbeing is what makes them happy, whether it’s the waves, an asana, rhythm, or the strength of two feet propelling forward. The short film ends with them coming together, feeling complete after a productive morning. Free People and the FP Movement invite you to celebrate life at More information can be found at

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In honor of the 50th anniversary of the summer of love, Staz Lindes transports us to San Francisco’s Golden Gate Park, where it all started. Via the lens of photographer Jason Lee Perry, we get a rock ‘n’ roll update on the bohemian music era. Follow along on our new throwback trip and share your own with #FPsummeroflove, which features classic hippie fashion (kaleidoscopic designs, free-flowing maxi dresses, and retro colored sunnies), ’60s-inspired styling, and serious flower child vibes from California’s sunny scenery.

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A short video titled “A Day in the Life of Candice Swanepoel” is included with the Free People July catalog. Candice amusingly takes us through a day in her life as a top model, drawing comparisons to her dairy farmer upbringing. Candice’s down-to-earth and fun-loving personality shines through in this clever and lighthearted account. It just goes to show that you never know where your life will take you… Visit to shop the album. On the blog, you can learn more about Candice:

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