Foam green screen

Foam green screen

Foam 01 – green screen green screen chroma key effects

If you need green screen backdrops, I must mention that this company provided excellent customer service. My sewn-together green-screen foam backdrop is ideal. Thank you, Bruce, for your outstanding workmanship and sound guidance.
After spending two days studying Chroma-key items on the internet and reading posts, blogs, and reviews from both experienced and amateur photographers and videographers, the verdict was unanimous: the foam-backed chroma-key background material was the obvious winner in every category. Yes, it is a little more costly than other long-lasting options, but the time it will save you during post-production far outweighs the extra expense. Then there was the question of where to get this wonderful product. After a third day of testing, I had narrowed it down to two companies: they were both within $10 of each other on the content, but (which was $10 more) had excellent customer feedback, so I placed my order with them on July 3, 2017. I called and left a message because I had one unanswered question. I wasn’t shocked they were gone because I was late the day before the holiday. My phone rang 30 minutes later, to my surprise, and it was the user… Bruce. He responded to my query… then took care of my request at no extra charge… and informed me that my order would be shipped on the 5th. All of the reviews are real… this is the business to buy from… they handle customers as they want to be handled. I’ll update this after I’ve used the product for a bit… but based on my testing, I’m sure I’ll only have good things to tell. Many thanks, Bruce!

Acoustic foam panels setup as green screen backgrounds

For more than fifty years, firefighting foams for oil and fuel-related fires have been effective in extinguishing Class B fires. However, the chemicals used, per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (“PFAS”), are now considered to be a source of global pollution that can last for hundreds of years in the world. These “forever toxins” are also highly mobile and commonly found in drinking water, groundwater, and reservoirs, posing a wide range of environmental and human health risks. PFAS exposure has been related to cancer, developmental toxicity, immunotoxicity, and other health effects, with firefighters being at a higher risk of exposure.
This has sparked calls for PFAS-free* firefighting foam, but there is no way of knowing if these solutions are better for firefighters and the community, and reports of PFAS-free status are not confirmed. Class A firefighting foams, on the other hand, usually do not contain PFAS but can contain other harmful chemicals, and they are commonly used by municipalities to combat structural fires and by firefighters to put out wildfires. That’s why the GreenScreen CertifiedTM Firefighting Foam standard (version 2.0) was created for Class A Foam Concentrates, Class B Foam Concentrates, Class A Wetting Agents, and Class A and B Wetting Agents. Buyers can now be assured that all forms of approved foams meet strict health and environmental requirements.

Green screen free foam explosion particles effects

Both Class A and Class B foam concentrates will now be certified on one of three levels: Bronze, Silver, or Gold. GreenScreen® for Safer Chemicals, an internationally recognised chemical hazard assessment tool, serves as the basis for the Standard. The Standard uses a combination of a restricted substances list (RSL), GreenScreen ratings, and analytic testing for acute aquatic toxicity and complete organic fluorine to determine full chemical ingredient identification. All three levels certify that products do not contain PFAS or any of the chemicals specified on the RSL, as well as over 2,000 other high-risk chemicals, and that they follow aquatic toxicity criteria. While Class A foam concentrates do not normally contain PFAS, residual PFAS which exist in the substance, which is why these products must also undergo the same rigorous testing. At the Silver and Gold tiers, the requirements become more stringent.
PFAS contamination in the product must be less than 0.0001 percent by weight of the product (1 part per million) total organic fluorine as determined by combustion ion chromatography to be considered PFAS-free.

Building a recording studio (acoustic foam, green screen

Digital Key Blue is our most recent development, KNOCKOUT®. KNOCKOUT®, Digital Key Green KNOCKOUT®, and OPTICTM Green KNOCKOUT® products are opaque and “knock out” any contaminating backlight. It possesses all of the excellent technological characteristics that you need. This fabric is ideal for outdoor applications because it is robust, lightweight, and needs less rigging—no need to use a Solid or ULTRABOUNCE® to support the blue or green screen. Available by the yard as a raw cloth in 60″ (1.52m.) widths, or as a made-to-order finished rag in any size for sale or leasing in a wide range of stock and custom sizes.
We have wide-width FR Polypro Blue and Green Screens in stock. 120” widths are available in Digital Key Blue, Digital Key Green, Chromakey Blue, and Chromakey Green. These pieces can be bought by the yard or made-to-order custom rags in any size for sale, or rented from a large selection of stock and custom sizes.
Spandex in digital and chromakey blue and green: Shirts, trousers, socks, gloves, and a hood are all available in matching Spandex. As a whole suit or individual parts, for rental or sale.

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