Flippity name picker

Flippity name picker

Flippity crossword

If you just looked at Flippity’s preview of the Randomizer template, you’d assume you could just alter the terms. However, as you’ll see in my new video embedded below, you can include pictures in the Randomizer template.
Tony Vincent mentioned Wheel of Names in one of his Tweets earlier this week, and it’s a free random name generator website. On the internet, there are a plethora of random name generators. Wheel of Names is special in that it not only allows you to enter names, but it also allows you to submit pictures to be selected at random. You can also build a free account with Wheel of Names to save a set of wheels. If you have several classes and don’t want to enter names every time you need to select a name at random, that choice could be useful.
“I’m searching for a way to submit pictures of my students so that the web can choose one at random.” (I’d like to project a face onto the computer at random because the students are learning how to use adjectives to identify themselves.)

Random name picker spreadsheet

I recently gave a presentation at the Superior Tech 4 Teachers conference in Clearwater, Florida… what a wonderful experience! I was lucky enough to be able to send three Nearpod Gold subscriptions to teachers in attendance during my session. I had about 20 people in my session and was searching for a fast way to choose teachers at random from it.
I want to give a getting to know you form to my students at the start of the school year. Before I submit this, I’ll make a Sheet with the Flippity Random Name Picker and send the Form responses to it. I’ll also have a Bookmark Folder with the Random Name Picker Sheet for each of my classes so I can quickly and easily select names and form groups and teams! Technology, hallelujah!

Flippity hangman

The simple Random Name Picker shows your students’ names as a Spinner that, when clicked, selects a student at random. Do you want additional students? Return to the linked spreadsheet and make the required changes. What if a student drops out? To the rescue, a spreadsheet!
The name picker can only help one list of students in its current state. How many teachers, particularly secondary school teachers, only have ONE group of students to work with? So, I made this…
But hang on, there’s more! I’ve made it easy to label students as absent. (Wait, what? Certainly not! a long way…) I’ve also introduced a special feature that resets all classes to zero so you can start over the next day. You’re more than welcome!

Flippity snowman

The best implementation method for a specific lesson determines instructional methods for grouping.

Random name picker wheel

Whole community, teams, classes, pairs, and individual work are some of the instructional techniques that teachers suggest. Flexible grouping aids differentiated teaching by encouraging students to interact with classmates based on preparation, preferences, learning habits, or simply being randomly assigned. Flippity is an excellent tool for randomly grouping students. I’m actually freaking out over Flippity! Flippity can also be used as a random name generator. #ThereWon’tBeAnyMorePopsicleSticks

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