Flashlight on s4

Flashlight on s4

Samsung galaxy note 4 – how to turn flashlight on / off

The flashlight, which uses the camera’s LED flash to help you navigate dark areas, has long been a feature of phones. Android has a flashlight feature, but it requires a couple of swipes to use. Continue reading to find out how to toggle your phone’s flashlight on and off faster.
When you swipe down from the top of your screen once, the Flashlight icon appears in the menu on several phones. If it isn’t, swipe down to show all of the quick-launch icons, then click the pen icon underneath them.
You can also change the brightness of your built-in flashlight on some phones, such as the Galaxy series. To do this on a Galaxy screen, pull down the Quick Settings menu until you see the flashlight icon, then tap the text underneath it that says “Flashlight” instead of the actual icon.
Shaking your handset in a chopping motion will toggle your flashlight on instantly on Motorola phones (this helps prevent accidentally switching it on). When your OnePlus phone is switched off, it draws a “V” on the screen. The exact gesture may differ if you use a different phone, but it will most likely be just as easy!

Samsung galaxy s4 : how to turn on or turn off flash camera

We covered how to use the Galaxy S4 flash for warnings and updates earlier this week, but today we’ll go over how to use it as a dedicated flashlight. Many smartphone users take advantage of this feature, but if you’ve ever wondered how to quickly and easily turn on the LED flash for a flashlight on the Galaxy S4, keep reading for simple instructions and a one-tap solution.
The camera flash on the Samsung Galaxy S4 is good enough to act as a bright flashlight for things like finding your keys in the dark, searching under the couch or in a dark closet, or even when you’re out camping and need a light. Instead of launching and turning on the camera, Samsung Galaxy devices have a simple toggle to allow this in seconds, and here’s how to use it.
To activate this awesome feature with a single tap, you’ll need to add a widget to your homescreen, but it’s quite simple. Widgets are shortcuts or one-click solutions for launching applications or utilities from the homescreen of our Android devices. Rather than searching for the app in a list or scrolling through options, you can use this process.

Enable led flash alerts on your samsung galaxy s4 (or

There was a time when the smartphone’s flashlight feature was a distant afterthought – but once people realized they could use the camera’s built-in flash to light up a dark space, there was an explosion of third-party software to make using the flashlight a breeze.

Samsung galaxy s4: how to enable/disable camera flash

The flashlight was eventually integrated into the Android operating system, and it’s now just a click away on most phones. Here’s how to make your Android phone’s flashlight work.
How to use Quick Settings on an Android to switch on the flashlight
This should work on all newer phones since it has been a part of Android since Android 5.0 Lollipop was released in 2014.
1. To access the Quick Settings icons, swipe down from the top of the screen.
2. Find and tap the “Flashlight” button. The flashlight should automatically turn on. 3. To turn off the flashlight, press it a second time.
How to use a gesture to switch on the flashlight on certain Android devices
A limited number of Android phones have a gesture for turning on the flashlight, but there is no normal or systematic way of knowing if your phone has one. Here are some ways to get started if you want to investigate this possibility:

How to enable flashlight in samsung galaxy s4

Why use an external app because your mobile already has those capabilities? That’s what we see in most brands’ flagship devices, and we’re talking about a feature that’s available as a widget in Samsung’s flagship devices: flashlight. The Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and Galaxy S4 devices have a feature called Assistive Light, which is available as a widget in the smartphone.
This would be useful, for example, if you chose to use the device’s flash as a flashlight or torch and simply opened the Play Store to check for an app to do so. Is there, however, a requirement? especially when there is a simple utility that can perform the role without putting a strain on the system by installing an external app.
You won’t be able to find an app or shortcut for this, so go to the App drawer and select the “Widgets” tab at the top to access all of the available widgets. You can see an 11 widget titled “Assistive light” that you must keep and put as a widget somewhere on one of your home screens.

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