Flashlight on galaxy s4

Flashlight on galaxy s4

Samsung galaxy s4 : how to turn on or turn off flashlight

A bright, free LED flashlight that looks great on your phone! This simple flashlight has a big power button that allows you to monitor (turn on and off) your camera’s LED light (also known as flash). This flashlight app only guarantees one color from your LED camera flash because your LED camera flash only shines one color, but it is the brightest flashlight app available. In a dark parking lot, use a flashlight to guide you. Take your dog for a safe morning walk by illuminating the road with this lamp. Check out what our customers have to say! There are a lot of 5 star ratings!

Samsung galaxy s4: how to enable/disable assistive light

Why use an external app because your mobile already has those capabilities? That’s what we see in most brands’ flagship devices, and we’re talking about a feature that’s available as a widget in Samsung’s flagship devices: flashlight. The Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and Galaxy S4 devices have a feature called Assistive Light, which is available as a widget in the smartphone.
This would be useful, for example, if you chose to use the device’s flash as a flashlight or torch and simply opened the Play Store to look for an app to do so. Is there, however, a requirement? especially when there is a simple utility that can perform the role without putting a strain on the system by installing an external app.
You won’t be able to find an app or shortcut for this, so go to the App drawer and select the “Widgets” tab at the top to access all of the available widgets. You can see an 11 widget titled “Assistive light” that you must keep and put as a widget somewhere on one of your home screens.

How to enable flashlight in samsung galaxy s4

We discussed how to use the Galaxy S4 flash for warnings and updates earlier this week, but today we’ll go over how to use it as a dedicated flashlight. Many smartphone users take advantage of this feature, but if you’ve ever wondered how to quickly and easily turn on the LED flash for a flashlight on the Galaxy S4, keep reading for simple instructions and a one-tap solution.
The camera flash on the Samsung Galaxy S4 is good enough to act as a bright flashlight for things like finding your keys in the dark, searching under the couch or in a dark closet, or even when you’re out camping and need a light. Instead of launching and turning on the camera, Samsung Galaxy devices have a simple toggle to allow this in seconds, and here’s how to use it.
To unlock this awesome feature with a single tap, you’ll need to add a widget to your homescreen, but it’s quite easy. Widgets are shortcuts or one-click solutions for launching applications or utilities from the homescreen of our Android devices. Rather than searching for the app in a list or scrolling through options, you can use this process.

How to turn on samsung s4 flash light with volume buttons

Install the Power Button Flashlight first.

Samsung galaxy s4: how to add flash light or assistive light

This feature does not require root access; all you need is the free Power Button Flashlight application from Brink Technologies’ development team.
Step 2: Switch on the service.
All you have to do to allow the application’s service is launch it. A popup will appear to remind you that the app is operational and that you must press the power button three times to activate the flashlight (four if the device is unlocked). You can change a few things, including the vibration effect when the light is turned on, how long it stays on, and whether or not you want to disable the service.
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I came across this article while researching how/why my Android can turn on the flashlight on its own while I’m in motion, such as running with it in my hand or fumbling with it when I pick it up. My phone would vibrate and the light would turn on, but I couldn’t turn it off without unlocking it, and I couldn’t find out how it happened when it was locked and how to avoid it. I’ve never had to download a special app for this, so I don’t think the Brink Technologies app you listed is needed. Obviously, there is a way to turn on the light when the phone is closed, and it would be stupid to have to look for an app to do so. Who says they “stumped” their toe, anyway? Are you perplexed? Is this comparable to where the word “stubbed” came from and how everybody pronounces it incorrectly? I’ve never seen or heard anyone claim they stumped a foot, so I’m guessing it’s a regional term. Edit: I just tried it out; I shook my phone three times and it vibrated, turning on the switch. The light switched off after three more shakes. There are no special configurations or apps installed. Plus, it’s even more absurd to have a free app switching on the light then charge a dollar to turn it off.

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