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Anti-flash white is a white color that can be used on nuclear bombers from the United Kingdom, the Soviet Union, and the United States. [1] The color was chosen to reflect some of the thermal radiation from a nuclear blast, thus shielding the plane and its passengers. [requires citation]
The underside of some nuclear bombers’ fuselages was painted anti-flash white, while the upper surfaces were painted light silver-gray. This was particularly true for the single Soviet Tu-95V bomber that test-deployed the world’s most powerful bomb – the 50+ MT-rating Tsar Bomba on 30 October 1961 – because it had anti-flash white on all of its undersurfaces and sides. [two] The Tupolev Tu-160 of the 1980s was the first Soviet/Russian bomber to be painted anti-flash white all over, earning it the Russian nickname Beliy Lebed (“White Swan”). [three]
When used in the nuclear strike role, anti-flash white was used on the Royal Air Force V bombers and the Royal Navy Blackburn Buccaneer. Instead of the standard dark red, white, and blue roundels and fin flash, nuclear bombers were given salmon pink and baby blue roundels and fin flash – but not at first, until the issue was considered.

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All of this is within reach, according to the self-help instructors, who flash their white American smiles as they tell us about empowerment, spiritual enrichment, personal growth, prosperity, social standing, and fulfillment. phil.uni-mannheim.de is a website that provides information about philology at the University of Mannheim
It is also agreed that the module capacity corresponds to the terms of this agreement when the test value determined (flash value) achieves at least the module’s classified nominal capacity according to the module label less the production tolerance stated on the label less the flasher’s test tolerance (flash tolerance) less a 3 percent deg. www.energia-pv.com

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While doing some research on FAA colors, I came across a few questions about the white used on Cold War planes. The key issue is whether anti-flash white was used as the norm or whether regular white was also used. What I’ve found is as follows:
1) The Scimitar claims to have been the first aircraft to have white undersides, followed by the Sea Vixen, both of which were launched in 1957 and 1959. Both aircraft’s white is an ivory-like off-white, identical to US Insignia White, which can be distinguished from the roundels’ white. No, unless you want to clarify what magical properties make the roundel white not get dirty when it’s right next to the underside color, don’t say “it looks darker because it’s dirty.”
2) The Buccaneer was first introduced in 1962, with early aircraft using anti-flash white all over and later EDSG (or DSG?) over anti-flash white. Pale roundels can be used to deduce this. However, they later moved to overall EDSG with standard roundels.

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