Fill in the blank trivia

Fill in the blank trivia

8 funniest fill in the blank answers on family feud

Greetings, @robertson. Were you able to find a solution to your problem? Since there hasn’t been any further action in a while, I’m going to label this query as addressed. I think you have all of the details you need. Please return and leave a comment if you have any more questions or details you’d like to share with the group. Also, if one of the previous responses has already answered this question, feel free to mark that response as right. Robbie is a character in the film Robbie

How to create a fill in the blanks quiz

For coaches, quiz questions are not immediately numbered. To give your quiz question a unique name, type it in the question text field [1]. Custom names will make it easier to recognize quiz questions. Students often see quiz questions in numerical order, regardless of the question’s name (i.e. Question 1, Question 2).
Fill-in-the-blank responses are currently not case sensitive. The only way a student can get the answer wrong is if they leave it blank or misspell it. If you want to add as many different variations of the correct answer as possible, press Add Another Answer. There are only 80 characters available for responses.
You may also add general answer comments to the entire quiz question [2]. The feedback will appear in the green comment field for students who choose the correct answer. If a student selects an incorrect response, the feedback will appear in the red comment area. The feedback will be available to all students in the blue comment area.
The green flag [1] will show whether or not the student’s answer is right. After submitting the quiz, if you allow students to see the correct answers, they will see all of the potentially correct responses (if any) indicated by the gray flag [2].

Impossible nba fill in the blank quiz!

Andy Messersmith (initials A.M.) pitched to a.212 opponents’ batting average over 12 MLB seasons (2,230 1/3 innings pitched) for the Angels (1968-72), Dodgers (1973-75 & 1979), Braves (1976-77), and Yankees (1978-79). (1978).
Messersmith, a 6’1″, 200-pound righthander, hit the big leagues. In the summer of 1968, (at age 22). He was a four-time All-Star, two-time 20-game winner, and two-time Gold Glover. All of this was accomplished with a fastball that moved, a hard overhand curve, a powerful slider, and an effective change up. He finished his career with a 130-99 record, a 2.86 ERA, and 1,625 strikeouts. He led his league in wins, games started, complete games, shutouts, and innings pitched for one season. He also had the fewest hits per nine innings (among qualifiers) in his league in three seasons.
Andy Messersmith is also known for successfully challenging MLB’s reserve clause (along with Dave McNally), which resulted in arbitrator Peter Seitz’s 1975 decision that players who played for their teams for one year without a signed contract will become free agents at the end of that year (basically ending the acceptance of unilateral contract renewals as a way to “reserve” a player).

Fill in the blank: lyrics quiz

_ajun a) c b) ck c) k 2) magi__ a) c b) ck c) k 3) hija__ a) c b) ck c) k 4) tri__ a) c b) ck c) k 5) qui__ a) c b) ck c) k 6) metri__ a) c b

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