Ffx input password

Ffx input password

Final fantasy x-2 hd 100% – p67, the dreaded maths cave

Isaaru: Isaaru, Isaaru, I I’m genuinely amazed that this thing can fly! It must be sacrilege to hold a machina in such high regard. Only riding it makes me feel uneasy! Tidus: I’m Tidus, and I’m Is it certain that it isn’t motion sickness? Isaaru: Do you get motion sickness? What ailment is that? Tidus and Isaaru
The Fahrenheit is the airship available to the player in Final Fantasy X. It is also known as the Continental Circus in the Final Fantasy Mechanical Arts depiction of the airship (action figure). There is no world map description, and the player cannot manually fly the ship around Spira, unlike previous Final Fantasy installments. Instead, it’s used for getting from one place to another easily.
The gold dial is inscribed with the text “Wind bless you” in Al Bhed script. “Salvage Dream CID,” says the writing on the ship’s wall. Trigger Commands can be used to drive the airship away from the fiend during the fight on the airship’s deck against Evrae.
The Fahrenheit is retrieved from the bottom of the ocean near Baaj Temple by a rescued Tidus and a party of Al Bhed salvagers led by Brother and Rikku. When the Al Bhed’s Home is invaded by the Guado, it is properly revealed. Cid, the Al Bheds’ commander, aids Yuna’s guardians and other survivors in their escape and destroys Home with the ship’s missiles.

Final fantasy x hd sidequests – besaid ruins 2

A page detailing the Airship Codes for Final Fantasy X Remastered (FFX, FF10) on the Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. Continue reading to learn all of the Airship codes and save time looking for them in the game.
In the later stages of the game, the party’s primary mode of transportation is the airship. It does, however, contain secrets that can be accessed by entering passwords or checking the coordinates of Spira’s world map. All of the Airship’s coordinates and passwords are mentioned below.
GODHAND – Teleports the party to Mushroom Rock Road. In the chest, you will find the Godhand Celestial Pistol. VICTORY- Allows the party to teleport to Besaid and retrieve Rikku’s Armor from the chest. MURASAME- Allows the party to teleport to another location in Besaid in order to obtain Auron’s Weapon Murasame.

Secret airship locations in final fantasy x

In the Airship map screen, type the GODHAND Al Bhed Password. For more detail on the various secret areas that can be reached via the map, see the Airship Passwords and Hidden Coordinates section.
Mushroom Rock will appear as one of the locations in the list after entering GODHAND. Drive there and proceed along the route until you find the treasure chest. This treasure chest can only be opened if you have the Celestial Mirror, and it contains Godhand, who has some pretty poor stats to begin with. It’s time to get your hands on the crest and sigil!
On Bikanel Island, the Mercury Crest can be located in the Sanubia Desert – West. Make sure you’re in the right part of the desert by using the menu pad. To the west, there is a whirlpool with a treasure chest containing the Mercury Crest.
When you have both the Mercury Crest and the Mercury Sigil, return to Macalania Woods to the location where you got the Celestial Mirror. Using both the Crest and the Sigil, give Godhand up twice to completely power it up.

Final fantasy x ( airship-all passwords & locations )

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This guide will help you find and acquire the optional Aeons, where to find and what the Airship passwords are, and what coordinates will enable you to find the hidden locations in Final Fantasy X.
Yojimbo can be found near the Mt. Gagazet entrance in the Cavern of the Stolen Fayth. Yojimbo will first inquire about Yuna’s motivation for seeking his assistance. Her decision here would have an effect on Yojimbo’s fighting conduct and his ability to use his attacks. In terms of payment, Yojimbo will initially demand hundreds of thousands of gil from the player, but he can be bargained with. To get Yojimbo for the lowest price, the player must give him half the gil he is asking for plus one gil in the first two negotiations, and he will lower his price. They must give him 0.7 times the gil he is seeking in the third negotiation, closing the contract. Until hiring him, the price can be reduced three times. If the player pays Yojimbo three times what he is asking, he will reward the player with two Teleport Spheres. And after you’ve “bargained” with him, this works. The It’s All About The Money achievement is won by receiving Yojimbo. Go to Final Fantasy Wiki[finalfantasy.wikia.com] to learn more about Yojimbo’s attacks and the math behind them.

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