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Ffa career explorer


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FFACE is a talent management and entertainment company based in Kolkata, West Bengal. Aside from managing East Indian talent, FFACE also produces web series, short films, and feature films in the country. The FFACE’s signature case is the…

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Students are still searching for opportunities to get a leg up on the market, and employers are looking for workers who are a step above the rest of today’s world. AgExplorer was created as a result of a collaboration between the National FFA Organization, Discovery Education, and AgCareers.com.
The National FFA Organization’s chief operating officer, Joshua Bledsoe, said, “We’re excited to launch this transformational opportunity that will enable students to explore the 235 unique careers in agriculture.” “FFA is in a unique position to serve as the base of the agricultural industry’s talent pipeline. AgExplorer.com will help us share our story and the story of agriculture to the rest of the world, in addition to engaging our students and helping our teachers. We should all work together to improve agriculture’s future.”
Agriculture is expected to have more than 60,000 work vacancies annually in the next five years, according to the US Department of Agriculture, with an estimated 22,500 of those openings not having highly qualified graduates to fill them. AgCareers.com had almost 78,000 work postings in the United States alone in 2015. AgExplorer is a platform that students can use to learn more about the industry and decide which career choice is best for them.

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A robust career resource that allows users to explore the wide variety of agriculture-related professions. This resource contains all career exploration assets, including virtual field trips, instructor guides/lessons, and a career finder that matches skills and interests to agricultural careers.
Awareness of Life: The Agricultural Education Classroom Substitute Teacher’s Guide will walk you through a fast and easy way to prepare for your substitute teacher and provide you with excellent substitute plans that can be integrated into any agricultural science curriculum.

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“I grew up on a farm, and it wasn’t until my senior year of high school that I realized how important the agricultural industry was,” Meyer says. “It was more along the lines of ‘UGH!’ when I was a child. I have to get up before the sun comes up and get out out in the fields!’”
Meyer had intended to attend medical school until her senior year of high school, when she enrolled in an agribusiness and markets class. She learned more about market research, international business, and economics during the course. She was hooked after that.
“The most important feature of AgExplorer is the immersive career assessment,” Meyer says. “You will participate in the courses that concern you the most, the work atmosphere that appeals to you the most, and even your hobbies.” The evaluation will decide the areas in which you may be interested in pursuing a career in agriculture. Math and science, for example, are two of my favorite topics. When I took the evaluation, one of the professions it suggested I look into was commodity merchandising, which is similar to a lot of the supply chain management work I’m doing now in school.”

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