Feature request tracking

Feature request tracking

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Mjanofsky (@mjanofsky) We struggled for a long time to find the right mechanism that kept everything coordinated, connected to the right locations, and also alerted the appropriate team members when new requests or updates to existing requests were made.
We chose a system that was very similar to the one you mentioned. We have a feature requests project with a task for each feature and a custom field to track how many times the feature has been requested.
Then, in the Customers project, we have a task for each customer and a new subtask for each feature request, as you described. We then generate a new comment on the “Task for Feature A” task with hypertext out to the customer’s unique feature request subtask once the subtask has been filled with the request and the impact/friction caused.
We make the PMs partners on the feature request tasks they own, so they get a notification whenever we post a new comment with a new customer’s feedback, and they can click into the hypertext to read more in the customer’s subtask.

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I sometimes hear from salespeople about consumer pain points when they use our app, but there is currently no clear way for us to keep track of these. I was planning on writing one myself, but I thought I’d inquire first.
Redmine is a web-based project management program that is open-source. I’m not sure I’d call it easy because it has a lot of features other than feature monitoring. It could be beneficial to your business.
Trac is a software development project’s improved wiki and problem monitoring framework. You may create a ticket form dedicated to upgrades rather than bugs in the code base. A plugin that incorporates a voting system is also available. I’ve never operated a Trac device, but I imagine you might restrict what the sales staff will see and do so that they can only see the list of improvements rather than impact the defects.
When you discussed upvoting bugs, it reminded me of the Stack Exchange network and how the group voting model affects what is relevant. It’s conceivable that a bug-reporting format similar to this might be used.

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Are you looking for a feature voting tool for your product that will help you manage and coordinate all of your feature requests in one location?

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The response is a resounding yes! There are numerous feature voting tools available, but as a Product Manager, selecting the best one is a difficult task. Collecting and prioritizing consumer reviews is a critical aspect of product development. Any suggestion from a customer is helpful in improving the product. Customers who use your product expect it to solve their problems while offering a friendly user interface and help. In this post, I’ve mentioned the top four software options for tracking and chatting. Upvote for this feature: Feature Upvote automates the process of collecting and prioritizing customer and team reviews, eliminating the need to manually handle feature requests from different sources. Customers and team members will leave suggestions on the suggestion board or vote to help determine what should be built next. Feature upvote also encourages the use of private and public suggestion boards, as well as integrations. UserVoice is a product feedback management system that gathers and organizes feedback from a variety of sources and gives product teams a simple, actionable view of user feature requests. This product is free to try, but you must first sit through a sales call. Advantages: Negative aspects: Trello is a project management tool. Trello can be used for a variety of tasks, including monitoring recurring tasks, managing collaborative workflows, team meetings, prioritizing update requests, and determining which feature to add next to your product. Trello is an easy-to-use platform that allows you to manage all of your tasks in one place. The best thing is that it is absolutely free for an infinite number of users. There are two ways to collect and manage function requests: What is the best way to select the best function voting tool? If you’re not sure what to choose, think about the following questions: To get a better idea of which software to buy, answer all of these questions. I sincerely hope so.

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The Fulfillment Product team has been working hard to develop and evolve the buying and subscription experience. New vulnerabilities and use-cases arise as the systems we help evolve. Via tickets and internal support requests, we’d like to keep meticulous track of the bugs and feature opportunities we find. The distribution team will easily prioritize tasks because they know which bugs we want patched and which functionality we want added to the product.
With the Help Priority mark, Product Managers should be consciously looking at and prioritizing problems. If you’re not sure whether or not to add the mark, check with your teammates first.

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