Fast and friendly

Fast and friendly

Classic fm’s fast and friendly guide to brahms

This is the finest customer service we’ve ever seen, much better than Costco Car Wash. Clean as a whistle, with up-to-date appliances, a beautiful layout, and excellent employees. There’s no need to go anywhere else when you’re so close to Sun City Grand.
This car wash is awesome!!! Service that is fast and simple When you pay, they give you an air freshener and a damp cloth to clean the inside… You can pull around and use their free vacuums once you’ve done… My car is still so shiny when I get it out of the garage… They’ve even got a membership… Will certainly return, and have done so previously…
Since I have a relatively new BMW 5 series, I usually avoid automatic car washes for fear of causing harm to my vehicle. This isn’t it! As others have said, they definitely put a lot of thought into this wash; it’s great. The services are immaculate. They have free vacuums that suck like crazy, carpet mat holders, and even a free carpet mat cleaning machine (don’t be afraid, it works great!) There is plenty of shaded parking and large spaces to avoid crowding. 5/5 stars without a doubt; I’ll be returning anytime I need a wash.

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My Windshield wipers motor broke during a bad snow day, and a “friend” gave me Josh’s name from Quick & Friendly. Matthew came to my office right away to verify the problem and then took me to get a rental car. My car was repaired the next day, and Steven also drove me back to the rental car company to return it. All of the employees were pleasant, and Josh and his team were willing to work with me during this stressful period. I was incredibly grateful that Quick and Polite was able to provide me with immediate service and repair (as I live 50 minutes away and couldn’t depend on anyone from my family to assist me due to the bad weather). Josh and his team come highly recommended from me.
Bill, who was in charge, took Clarice’s car in right away, she said. He informed her of his activities on a regular basis. When she was in the waiting room, he showed her pictures on his phone of what he was doing and what was wrong. She is very pleased with the service.

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Quick and Pleasant is a non-profit MMJ dispensary chain specializing in CBD drugs and edibles in Southern California. Quick and Pleasant has Southern California’s largest range of CBD-only items and edibles. Mike Mattarocci, the founder of Quick and Friendly franchises, is a well-known specialist in the medical applications of CBD and THC. (Because our website is currently inaccessible, I linked to our Weemaps menu.)
NuWu Cannabis Marketplace is the world’s largest dispensary. We’re the best cannabis dispensary in Las Vegas, with a massive variety of flower, concentrates, and edibles. We’re on Native American tribal property, just two blocks from The Fremont Street Experience.
Hendrx Farms links Humboldt County cannabis genetics with skilled, well-managed farms throughout the state of California. Hendrx Farms offers clones from Humboldt County, as well as access for new emerging farms, by preserving and pioneering new and exciting genetics each season.
Igzactly 420 is a non-profit medical cannabis clinic and vapor lounge in the financial district of San Francisco, California. We provide patients with a wide variety of high-quality drugs at the lowest possible cost.

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For each strain, the best, locally grown cannabis is available. Chong’s Choice reflects the absolute highest quality product available on the market – hand selected and lab certified. STRAINS OF CHOICE PICKED BY HAND AIR TIGHT SEAL FOR FRESHNESS- LAB Approved- COLLECTABLE Container- LOCALLY GROWN AND SOURCED
Gorilla Glue #4 is a potent indica hybrid that took first place in the 2014 Los Angeles Cannabis Cup. This chunky, conic, crystal-covered strain is said to be a cross between Chemsis, Sour Dubb, and Chocolate Diesel. It flowers in 56 to 60 days.
This classic Kush strain from the San Fernando Valley is known for its sticky, condensed buds with no roots, allowing you to smoke the entire plant! Depending on who you ask, the OG stands for either “Original Gangster” or “Ocean Grown.” It’s more of a nighttime drug that helps with migraines, bipolar disorder, anxiety, depression, and stomach problems. It’s a potent hybrid that can take users into a deep trance and leave them gazing off for several hours. The root of OG Kush is still a topic of discussion, but the reality remains a mystery. It is a difficult strain to produce, resulting in high demand and limited supply, but it is extremely common.

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