Facebook support dashboard

Facebook support dashboard

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The features will be rolled out to all users worldwide in the coming weeks, with the exception of 1% of users who will be kept back to allow for comparative testing with the main community, according to the company. The change has been anticipated after screenshots of the features were leaked last month.
When you reach that time, the app will give you a notification that you’ve reached your daily limit, but you can still search if you like. From the dashboard, you can also monitor your notification settings, including a new function that allows you to silence them for up to eight hours.
“We want to give users the power to choose how much time they spend on the app and how they want to interact with it,” he said. “There may be some trade-offs with other business metrics. We’re able to accept that as a trade-off. This is something that is critical for the group in the long run, and it is something we want to invest in.”

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You can also analyze your Audience Growth and which countries your fans are coming from, so you’re not constrained by these numbers. Page Views sources show the particular channel from which your views are coming, and you can also break down this data on a regular, weekly, monthly, or custom-made time frame. The Total Actions on Page will reveal whether you’re getting directions (from people nearby) or clicking on websites, for example.
The demographics of people linked to your Page are shown at the bottom of the dashboard. Fans may be divided into groups based on their age and gender, as well as language and country. Since you want to customize your Page to suit the unique needs of your target audience, these metrics are critical.
Last but not least, you can choose the time period in which your data is shown – no more exporting or restricting your data to 28 days. You will have the whole visual ready to show the full Page information dashboard on a meeting, to your customers, or internally with just a few clicks.

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Sum of interactions (Reactions, Comments, and Shares) multiplied by the number of Fans a Profile has at the time of the article. The number of this metric for all posts published on a given day, week, or month is shown in the aggregation.
Sum of interactions (Reactions, Comments, and Shares) multiplied by the number of Fans a Profile has at the time of the article. The posts are divided into categories based on their function (photo, video, link, etc.).
The number of times a post from your Page is seen on the page. A single post will result in multiple impressions; for example, a post that you saw on a company’s Website and then saw in your News Feed would result in two impressions.
The number of times a person’s computer was seen your Page’s post with social information attached. When a person’s friend communicates with your Page or message, social information is shown. When a friend likes or follows your Page, connects with a tweet, shares a picture of your Page, or checks into your Page, this is considered a like or follow.

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The world of help used to function like this: a user would complain that a device operation was not working as it should. The issue would then be divided into multiple teams, each of which would begin an in-depth analysis; finding a final solution to the problem was always a lengthy process.
The role of improving the situation was assigned to an interdisciplinary team. Their goal was to identify restrictions in advance rather than waiting for users to report them. The first step was to document important measured values in real time, such as the time it took to open an order or print invoices.
However, this information is nuanced and difficult to comprehend. The breakthrough was made possible thanks to the Data Lake’s intelligent analysis. CROSS 2 log files are now sent in real time to our central data platform, where current measurements are compared to previous ones. This information is shown in our support system, and if there are any discrepancies, an alarm is triggered. Help colleagues will see where performance limits are arising at a glance, allowing them to intervene in the system quickly and pro-actively.

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