Extron pole vault

Extron pole vault

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A network switch and Ethernet configuration are also included in the PVS 407D. This enables network configuration and control of the switcher, as well as data access for three additional devices over a single network drop.
The FF 120 is designed to fit into the same room as a regular 1′ x 2′ ceiling tile and comes with a T-bar that can be used with a larger ceiling tile trimmed to fit the space. With a neutral white perforated steel grille that suits the look of traditional air conditioning vents and grid ceilings, it also deters theft.

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PoleVault Systems are a one-stop solution for consumers searching for innovative methods of protecting AV equipment away from prying eyes. The AV switching and audio amplification modules are placed and hidden above the projector with the PoleVault Systems. PoleVault Systems come with everything you need for a full AV system, including projector control, mounting hardware, switching, speakers, wall plates, and cabling. Only the video sources, projection screen, and projector need to be included.
There are three basic PoleVault System packages that will cover the vast majority of single-projector classroom needs. Choosing the right kit for your application saves time and money by streamlining the design and procurement process.
It can be time-consuming and frustrating to compare product details and hardware specifications from various vendors. It’s not always easy to find the facts you need to make a decision. You compare catalogs and data sheets to ensure that each part fits well with the others. Far too often, the real issues aren’t found before the system components are installed. How many times have you called a manufacturer only to be told that the issue isn’t with their product and that you should contact one of the other vendors instead?

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Given the product’s requirements, the price is “on request,” and the delivery time must be determined.

Extron pole vault 2021

Please do not hesitate to contact us, and we will be happy to assist you in selecting the item’s specifications.
Extron is a term used to describe a PoleVault® Systems are all-inclusive, easy-to-use, network-enabled systems that are suitable for colleges, universities, and corporate environments. PoleVault Systems transmit signals over low-cost twisted pair cable and provide network access for Web-based asset tracking, monitoring, and control.
To make the design and procurement process easier, PoleVault Systems have been designed in three basic systems. These two-, three-, and four-input systems come with all you need for a full classroom A/V solution, including audio and video switching, audio amplification, device monitoring, source communication, microphones, mounting hardware, and cabling. Only the video projector, projection screen, and video sources need to be added.
PoleVault Systems must always include the PVS 204SA Twisted Pair Switcher, a PMK 350 Projector Mounting Set, System Integrator® speakers, and two to four transmitters, which are only available in a PoleVault System. PoleVault Systems can be tailored to meet specific classroom needs. The price of the system is determined by the components and quantities chosen.

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The district started by installing projectors and voice amplification systems in their classrooms. However, the original components were not well implemented, making training challenging and leaving teachers reluctant to use the technology. Furthermore, the district desired to replace overhead projectors with document cameras, boost classroom audio, and protect the equipment to prevent tampering and theft. Above all, the technology had to be user-friendly for both teachers and students.
“Our goal was to change the way teaching and learning took place in the classroom,” says Bruce Green, Indian River County Schools’ Assistant Superintendent for Technology and Assessment. “We realized we needed a large screen for full visibility and voice amplification so the students could hear clearly,” says the group.
The need to incorporate with an assistive listening system, or ALS, in some classrooms was one of the district’s specific challenges. The instructor wore a microphone and transmitter that was consistent with the receiver incorporated into the student hearing aids in the previous system.

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