Evernote select multiple notes

Evernote select multiple notes

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A similar problem exists. Will there be a remedy for combining notes as well? We can’t press several notes in this new UI, which means we can’t merge notes. It would be fantastic if we had the choice to return to the previous user interface. Nothing against new and improved, but we’re lacking functions we’ve grown accustomed to and rely on.
DropBox Paper has potential, but it isn’t quite there for me yet.
Simplenote, which I used to use and still find charming, may be a good match for the less intensive content. While Kdan Noteledge appears to be fantastic, many of its features are geared toward Apple users, and I use a PC.

How to move notes in evernote to a different notebook

I’m hoping that this will be implemented soon, as I’m slowly being pressured to move to another app, such as PDF Expert or Dropbox.

Export apple notes: how to (2018)

While I will lose some features, gaining this one will be a significant victory.
I’m in the same boat.
Unfortunately, it does not appear that they are interested in adding or addressing this.
I don’t think it will be that big of a deal because so many other apps already have it and have had it from the beginning.
If they were going to do it, I’m sure they would have done it by now, but I’ll keep hoping!
I’d like to add my $0.02 to the debate. I use EN on the iPad Pro as one of my primary work and productivity resources, and the ability to pick several notes in a single list will save me a lot of time when it comes to marking, arranging, transferring, and removing notes.
For me, a good first step would be if EN could be opened in split view with two sessions, enabling me to focus on a note in one window while doing research in my note base in the other. In order to study EN in one browser, I currently need to use another note-taking app in the other.

How to create table of contents in evernote

Drag&Drop multiple notes between notebooks does not work; only one note is moved. To switch notes, I must now use the Move… feature and choose the destination notebook from a list. That’s a lot more inconvenient.
You may use ctrl-click and shift-click to pick the notes. When you pick two notes, a new blue multiple note menu thingy appears. You can switch the notes using the first icon. There are also options for adding marks, merging, deleting, and so on.
Using ctrl-click, you can pick several notes. The problem, as @mnaoumov pointed out, is that you can’t just drag and drop those notes; you have to go through the lengthy menu process. I raised this concern during the beta and was assured that it will be resolved in the future. All operations on multiple notes are currently painfully slow. Simply pick ten notes and apply the same tag to all of them.
In certain cases, the latest method of transferring several notes is much easier for me. I used to drag several notes all the time in the Legacy edition, but there have been occasions when I haven’t “released” them to the correct notebook… so this deficiency compensates for my clumsiness.

Rocketbook destinations: everything you need to

Despite the fact that I’ve been using the app on both iPhone and iPad for a long time, I only found today that there appears to be no drag and drop support or the ability to perform actions on multiple notes at once, such as adding a tag or moving multiple notes to a notebook. On iOS, the former has been available for about a year, and the latter has been around forever.
I believe the emphasis is now more on business use, but I see no use for any of the features they’ve introduced under that heading in either personal or professional life. Probably because they didn’t spend enough time on the fundamentals (multiple highlight colors).
I have an iPad Pro, and while I can pick several notes, I don’t think I can do much with them. I was attempting to apply the same tag to different notes. This does not appear to be a viable option.

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