Etw usb tracing

Etw usb tracing

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[11/2016 Update] The commands described in this post are now included in the USB and HID trace capture script, which can be found at Previous blog posts went into how to record and read USB ETW and WPP traces in great detail. This post is a complement to those, and it compiles all of the trace capture commands into one handy guide. Please refer to the previous articles for more information on the two tracing methods and how to parse the traces. The commands below will produce traces from the USB 3.0 and USB 2.0 driver stacks, as well as related components such as WinUSB, USBCCGP, and PCI. We suggest that you catch the entire collection of traces, but if you’re confident that a particular component isn’t important to the scenario you’re looking at, you can skip those commands.
The previous capture session creates a collection of etl files that are saved in the percent SystemRoot percent Tracing directory (for example, C:\Windows\Tracing). To avoid overwriting these files when you record another session, transfer them to a different location or rename them once they’re done. Symbol files are needed to parse these traces properly, as defined in the blog post on WPP tracing linked above. When collecting a collection of traces, it’s important to keep track of the Windows version used so that the traces can be mapped to the appropriate symbols for analysis. Running the following command from an elevated prompt and saving the resulting BuildNumber.txt file along with the traces is one way to do this:

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We decided to go into a little more detail than we did in our hour-long talk at Ruxcon, “Make ETW Great Again,” as a follow-up. Though our presentation included several examples of ETW use, like detecting ransomware, USB Keylogging, and sniffing SSL encrypted data from WinINet (our code is available here:, we decided to focus on USB Keylogging here. We decided that more explanation was necessary due to the nature and potential impact of our results, especially in regards to mitigation and detection of this technique.
Event Tracing for Windows is an asynchronous kernel debugging mechanism included in all modern versions of Windows that helps administrators and developers troubleshoot and measure system and application efficiency. It’s built-in and available by default on Windows 2000, but it wasn’t until Windows 7 that it really became feature-rich.
ETW is well-documented by Microsoft and could easily be the subject of many blog posts. If you’re new to ETW, check out MSDN or a couple of GitHub repos we used during our researchii iii. Otherwise, we’ll presume that you already have a basic understanding of ETW and how it functions.

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Refer to the Event Tracing article in the Windows Dev Center for more detail on ETW and how it can be used to start and stop event tracing sessions, provide and consume trace events.
The measures that follow are unique to the HoloLens. The article Using the Windows Device Portal contains the complete collection of instructions as well as information about the Device Portal’s pages. Refer to the Setup section of the Windows Application Portal article for details on configuring and controlling your device, as well as the diagnostic resources the portal offers to troubleshoot and view incidents, for information on setting up other devices.

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