Error loading this resource

Error loading this resource

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You could try a better browser instead of fixing problems with Chrome: Opera is a theatrical performance that takes place You are entitled to a better browser! Every day, 350 million people use Opera, a full-featured navigation experience with a variety of built-in packages, reduced resource usage, and a beautiful design. Here are some examples of what Opera can do:
The browser is light and quick, and it has an ad blocker built in, so you’ll never have to deal with advertising again. For an added layer of protection, there’s a built-in VPN with unlimited bandwidth.

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The video appeared as planned when I viewed the website on my main screen. However, when I tested the site on my laptop (it’s always a good idea to test the site on a variety of devices), I encountered the following error:
After sifting through a number of support threads, I came across ET Support member Andrie’s suggestion to convert a webm version of the video file to an mp4 using a free online service.
Browsers tend to be picky about the codecs in which our mp4 videos are encoded, and this basic online tool uses the right one. is the site Andrei suggested for converting your Webm file to an MP4 file, which should address the ‘Error Loading This Resource’ problem.
It’s worth noting that, while the website translates video into the proper format, I found it to be unreliable and had to reload it several times before it worked. Be patient; it should only take a few minutes, depending on the size of your file.

How to fix video not playing in chrome browser (error

I haven’t found it out yet, but based on your inability to see it, I believe it’s a Safari problem. I looked in Chrome and couldn’t find it, but it’s still there in Safari. Might it be a problem with the way X is shown in Safari?
A source map is a method of relocating code from a compressed file to its original location in the source file. This ensures that you can quickly debug your applications even after they’ve been optimized with the aid of some tools. Source maps are supported by both the Chrome and Firefox developer tools out of the box.
Note: In Firefox’s developer tools, source maps are supported by default. It’s likely that you’ll have to manually allow support in Chrome. To do so, open the Chrome dev tools and navigate to the Settings tab (cog in the bottom right corner). Make sure that both Enable JS source maps and Enable CSS source maps are checked in the General tab. **

Error loading player: no playable sources found (easy fix

Since the video is being stored on an NFS share mounted to a local file system, I need to see if it’s a storage problem. I think I’ve got the permissions set up correctly (bluecherry user and group as the owner and I set the attributes at 777 temporarily to try and work around the problem). Although the documentation stated that the owner:group must be set to bluecherry:blueCherry, the application objected if the owner:group was not set to bluecherry:blueCherry.
In terms of mistakes, I’m not seeing anything in the logs. I confirmed that the problem is with my NFS mount because using local storage fixes it. For the direction I’m taking, the user and community are right (bluecherry:bluecherry). I’ve also given the entire route the chmod 0700 treatment. The fact that the video files are being written without the execute bit set is fascinating. Thinking this was the problem, I ran chmod -R 777 on the entire route, which should fix any permissions issues. Regrettably, it does not. I’m also researching it. It is important to be able to access network storage. I’ve had similar problems with NFS mounts in the past and was able to fix them, so I’m confident I’ll work it out. I’m sold on Bluecherry after resolving this problem. I can’t believe how much better the user interface is than any of the other Linux-based solutions out there (i.e. Zoneminder, Shinobi, and MotionEye).

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