Error 1146 42s02

Error 1146 42s02

Mysql export error 1146 from mysql workbench. fix frm

Please accept my apologies for asking a question that has already been answered. I looked around and saw other people have similar issues with transferring or deleting data. Neither have I done. The only thing I can think of that might have happened is a power off restart without a full shutdown.
Surprisingly, my OS X terminal now shows unknowne4ce8f1e830c as my host name, where it previously displayed my computer’s name. I’m wondering if there’s a broken road somewhere. But that’s just conjecture from a noob, and I’m just a casual Terminal guy. As a result, they could easily be considered different problems.

Mysql said: documentation #1146 table doesn’t exist 2020

We have withdrawn the invitation code system due to high member demand. You only have read permissions as a registered member. An account update is expected for member accounts with write permissions (12 Euro annual fee). Please take note! This isn’t a VIP membership, and it doesn’t take the place of using credits! This is only for simple members to be able to use the platform entirely with write permissions!
I had the same problem, but when I tried to access phpmyadmin at http://myip/phpmyadmin, it gave me a 404 error, “The requested URL was not found on this server.” Any advice will be greatly appreciated!
I wish I could assist you, but I’m not really sure what the panel is all about. I simply followed the installation script for them, and it appears to work. I’m afraid I couldn’t tell you anything else.

Mysql 5.7+ resolvendo err 1146 no laragon

Hello there, I’d like to seek assistance from any MariaDB/MySQL experts. I’m new to mariadb administration, but I’ve worked with db2 and Oracle for years. I’m trying to import a database from a mysqldump zippedbackup and having the following mistake. AT LINE 4160, ERROR 1146 (42S02): ‘xxx.yyy’ is a table that does not exist. Nohup gunzip /data/bkups/mysqlbkp-20190916.sql.gz | mysql -u root -p is the command I’m using. The current Mariadb update is 10.4.7. (latest download) Version 10.1.17 of mariadb was used to make the backup. After building about 15 tables with over 10k rows in each, the import fails. So far, I’ve run mysqlcheck on the source table xxx.yyy and it returned ok, indicating that there is no corruption. 2. I dropped and recreated the chart, then took a mysqldump, thinking the problem was caused by a char. That didn’t help matters, either. In the mariadb documentation, I don’t see anything relevant or beneficial to this mistake. Please assist. Tx
I unzipped the backup and then modified the definer gunzip with sed. 20190919.sql.gzsed -E’s/DEFINER=[][email protected][]+/DEFINER=CURRENT USER/g’ 20190919.sql > 20190919.sql.gzsed -E’s/DEFINER=[][email protected][]+/DEFINER=CURRENT USER/g’ 20190919.sql > modifd 20190919.sql modifd 20190919.sql modifd 20190919 Importing data failed again, with the same error message and line number. Basically, the advice given in this connection was ineffective. @ Please, Nobbie, assist me.

Easy php error | sql (1146): table

I had some issues with a BD MySQL after performing an update with YUM UPDATE. Specifically, Error 1146 (42S02) seems to me: The table’mysql.servers’ does not exist any time you want to run the flush privileges command, or when you create users with PLESK, which suggests that you can run the same command at the end.
At the moment, everything works fine; I can safely create users and execute flush privileges, but I’m not at ease. I’m guessing the real issue is that the update did not go smoothly.
All was fine during the update, but I received an alert about an update script. I understand that it says it has been executed, but could it be that I need to manually execute this script? I’m running MySQL 5.1 on a CentOS SO Linux system.
Following a mysql upgrade to a higher version, if you have a problem creating or altering a system table (mysql. ), you can automate the process by using the utility mysql upgrade —force. This is what it does: it changes the framework tables and nixes them for the new version: it generates incomplete tables and fields…

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