Err_cache_miss back button

Err_cache_miss back button

Err_cache_miss google chrome confirm form

As the article said, we used the header incorrectly. That’s why we get different results in different browsers because the “no-cache” header isn’t the best one to tell the browser not to cache the content in the first place. I’m guilty of this because when I first encountered this issue, I quickly found a solution online and was content to move on with my life without fully comprehending the Cache Control headers’ purpose.
After reading through and learning what each header does, it became obvious that the Cache Control: No-store header is the one to use to tell browsers not to cache pages. It’s also a good idea to have Cache Control: No-cache just to be on the safe side. I also think it’s a good idea to tell proxies not to cache the http result for sensitive content, such as account areas. To accomplish this, we must set Cache-Control: private.

Php problem – confirm form resubmission

When viewing records on those modules (mostly Tasks, Notes, and less so on Contacts, Accounts), if I try to use my browser’s back button (Chrome, latest edition, but same issue on Firefox or Safari), the page crashes and I get an error saying “err cache miss.” Now, I’m sure this is linked to caching, but there are no errors in my logs. If it wasn’t happening on all browsers and I hadn’t seen a problem like this before in the forums, I’d assume it’s a browser issue. If anyone has any suggestions about what could be causing this, as well as places to look, it would be greatly appreciated.
I tried the demo, and the problem isn’t there. So, I’m assuming it’s a php or nginx caching issue? If it was just a browser issue, I’m sure the problem could be replicated on the demo.
I tried it, but it didn’t work. I was reading and think it’s a php Post vs. Get problem. Posting can often trigger caching problems, and it seems like every time I go back to a task/note, the access logs display a Post command firing for index.php. I’m not sure if that’s the real problem or just a coincidence, but I’ll let you know if I find a solution or any other details.

(java 2020) creating a webview and preventing the “back

The back button is often brought up in conversation. A user receives a result set and then returns, puzzled as to why their actions are not mirrored when they return. Alternatively, they can fill out a form and then submit it again, leaving them perplexed as to why there are two records (after all, the app is supposed to find their record after submission).
Client-side cache is the problem with the back button. The rendered HTML is saved on the client side until a page is requested. If the user returns and has their browser’s default settings, the page is retrieved from the cache rather than being re-requested. Some programs have a number of issues as a result of this.
This means that the browser can decide whether to get the page from the cache or go out and get it. When IE can’t locate the page in its cache, if you haven’t accessed it in a long time, etc., it will request the page.
When you add this line to your Page Load, the tab will reload any time you press the back button. In certain cases, this is fine because it will attempt to restore it to the condition it was in when you first requested it. However, depending on ViewState settings and other variables, you can still have issues with a multi-part shape. This instructs the client to send a “do not cache” header.

[fixed] how to fix confirm form resubmission

ColdFusion 9 is being replaced by ColdFusion 11. The action of the back button has changed. The back button works on CF 9 pages, but when we press it on CF 11 pages, we get a browser message that says “confirm form resubmission.” Since it’s the same browser, it’s clear that ColdFusion has improved. Is it possible to find out when the adjustment was made? Is there a way to regulate how the conduct is handled? Thank you so much. David is a man of many talents.
Coldfusion isn’t to blame in this case. It only interacts with the browser directly, through the web server. Even so, the improvement in back-button behavior is most likely due to a change in the browser. It’s telling you that you’re about to resubmit the form, which is very sweet of the browser in several ways. Redirection is an obvious’setting’ you can use to avoid the back-button action. You might, for example, use cflocation to redirect to another page after processing the form variables on the action page.
Hello, BKBK.
Thank you for your time and consideration in responding. Please accept my apologies if I was vague. On CF9, I have the same pages running in output, and on CF11, I have the same pages running in progress (as we are getting ready to upgrade our servers). The back button on the CF9 is functional. The type resubmit alert appears on CF11. This has worked in both Firefox and Chrome. The cause is either a shift in ColdFusion after CF9 or some (CF admin or IIS) setting because the discrepancies are the version of ColdFusion and the environment (production / development). Thank you, David is a man of many talents.

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