Epson digital camera

Epson digital camera

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I’m fascinated by the Epson R-peculiar D1’s function of manually winding a lever to cock the shutter, considering the fact that it’s digital. I searched everywhere but couldn’t find any camera like it. Is that “feature” available on any other cameras?
The R-D1/R-D1s/R-D1x were designed to give users a digital photography experience that was as similar to that of using a classic film rangefinder camera as possible. White balance, shutter speed, resolution/compression, and the number of shots left were all shown on analog dials with hands that moved like a quartz watch. Seiko, the gigantic Japanese watchmaker, was Epson’s parent company. With what was basically existing quartz watch technology, Seiko developed the precision servos that pushed the indicators on the dials.
The whole idea appears to have been motivated by a marketing department that saw an overlap between their current customer base for their “luxury” analog watches, many decades after the mass consumer watch market had gone quartz and then completely digital1, and those photographers who had stubbornly kept on to the rangefinder type of film camera long after others had moved on to SLR cameras. The fact that the R-D1 used Leica M-mount lenses or earlier Leica screw-mount lenses with an adapter backs up this theory. Cosina, a Japanese company that had been producing cameras and lenses on spec for German camera companies for years, put the camera together. They hoped that current Leica lens owners would upgrade to a digital camera that could use those lenses.

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Daiwa Kogyo, Ltd. was founded by Hisao Yamazaki, a former Hattori Seiko employee. It produced parts and innovations for timepieces. With the prosperous manufacture of electronic printers in the 1960s, the business was renamed Epson. Epson, on the other hand, entered the digital imaging business with its own digicams. Epson stunned the industry by releasing the world’s first optical rangefinder camera, which was equipped for M bayonet lenses. Since 1996, the company has also sold other digital cameras, but has since effectively left the digicam business.

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So you want to get into a digital rangefinder, but you’re not sure you want to spend $7000 on a brand new Leica M9. You know…you do have a lot of other options when it comes to buying a digital rangefinder camera that won’t break the bank, and all of them can provide you with the pleasure of use that only a rangefinder camera can provide. The manual focus and aperture controls on the lens, the powerful but slim frame, and the unique but very cool viewfinder/rangefinder window Yes, there are three options available, and although only one is available fresh, the other two can be found used if you are patient.
In this three-part post, I’ll explore my experiences with three digital rangefinder cameras, all of which are available used. The Leica M9, Leica M8, and an oldie but a goodie, the Epson RD-1! Today I’ll discuss the Epson, which accepts any Leica M mount lens. There was no need for an adapter because it was the very first M mount digital RF!

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