Enable person accounts

Enable person accounts

External identity: enabling self-registation in a community

I’ve encountered Salesforce customers who, for whatever reason, have been representing their customers with Contacts rather than Individual Accounts. This article will show you how to convert your Contacts to Person Accounts while keeping all of the associated data, such as custom fields, standard/custom specific lists, and so on.
Salesforce’s “Business Accounts” (I’ll just call them “Accounts”) have features that aren’t appropriate for serving individual customers, such as “Account Name” instead of first and last names, no email address, and so on. Person Accounts are the proper way to represent individual customers in Salesforce.
Since B2B is Salesforce’s default environment, many B2C customers I encounter fail to allow Person Accounts in their org and instead use Company Accounts to serve individual customers. There are a few choices (none of which are good practice!):
Person Accounts is a different record form of the Account object, not a separate object in Salesforce. Person Accounts are represented in Salesforce by two items connected in a one-to-one relationship:

Relate a single contact to multiple accounts | salesforce

We added a Record Form called “Company Accout” to our org when it was first created, and then demanded that Person Accounts be allowed. You don’t have to allocate the Record Type to any of your profiles, so I’d build it anyway. If you wanted to, I’m pretty sure you could delete it afterward.
“If the Account field IsPersonAccount is set to correct, the record types are person account record types. PersonAccount is the default record type for person accounts in Salesforce, but an administrator may create additional record types. Record types with the Account area IsPersonAccount set to false, on the other hand, are “business account” record types, which are typical B2B Salesforce accounts.”

Campaigns & person accounts in lightning experience

Salesforce, the CRM-powerhouse, is built on the concept of supplying customers with creative solutions on a regular basis. Person Accounts is one of Salesforce’s creative solutions designed specifically for the B2C segment to help them better manage their businesses. Person Accounts and Business Accounts are both referred to as accounts in Salesforce. I’ll explain what they’re both for and when Salesforce Person Accounts could be a good fit for your business.
Company Accounts is often the default account in Salesforce. Company Accounts help B2B companies the most because they usually have company accounts with contacts. Individual consumers are the target of B2C companies, and getting their details as an organization/company isn’t the best CRM option for them. That is why B2C companies, such as financial services, an online shopper, or a holiday traveller, can use Person Accounts. Salesforce has always been steadfast in its approach to understanding various consumer requirements and building creative solutions to meet their needs.

Learn how to configure and setup person accounts

Enable Person Accounts in Dev Edition by mchristian

Learn how to prepare your organization for person accounts

Hello everybody! Any advice on how to get individual accounts set up? According to the documents I’ve read, I need to request it directly from SF, but I can’t seem to find a method to do so. Thank you. -M
Login to your Dev Edition -> Click on “Help” at the top -> Click on “My Cases” -> Click on “Log A Case” -> Select “Feature Activation Request” as the Case Reason -> Select “Feature Activation” in the “General Activation Region” and ask for Person Account Enablement.
Login to your Dev Edition -> Click on “Help” at the top -> Click on “My Cases” -> Click on “Log A Case” -> Select “Feature Activation Request” as the Case Reason -> Select “Feature Activation” in the “General Activation Region” and ask for Person Account Enablement.
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Hi there,
I’m thinking about the same thing as the original poster… For some reason, I don’t have access to the “My Cases” section… I’m actually in a developer org that I set up earlier today. When I click “Contact Support,” it tells me that I need to log in and then click “Log a Case,” but I’m already logged in, and no matter how many times I refresh the page, no “My Cases” or “Log a Case” section/button appears. I simply want to allow Person Accounts! Any assistance will be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

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