Elementary classroom websites

Elementary classroom websites

7 best websites and apps for distance learning

Please see this page for full instructions on how to nominate a site in one (or both) of these categories. This isn’t going to be a place of the month. No more nominations will be considered until we hit 50 high-quality sites in each group. Awards for the best website design Teachers, educational website creators, and, eventually, all of the students that fill our classrooms will benefit from the ideas and dynamic combination of teaching ideas and tools that are only beginning to emerge here. It’s a win-win scenario for all parties involved. If you haven’t already, please bookmark this page because it will soon be loaded with educational websites that have received one of the six awards available.
My thoughts:
This website is exceptionally well-designed. It blew the cover off my rubric, and there were more explosions after that. It’s visually appealing, easy to navigate, and contains a wealth of knowledge relevant to the intended audience. The widespread use of mixed media is truly impressive. This platform contains a wealth of valuable knowledge regardless of the grade level you teach.

How to create a basic teacher website using google sites

We’ve struggled and spent more time struggling with passwords and QR codes for so many different accounts and resources as we’ve managed our 1st grader’s learning at home over the past 6 weeks, to the point where we’ve given up.
On @Seesaw, who has several siblings? On a shared computer, there’s no way to switch between children’s activities? It’s aggravating! You must log out, locate the QR code for the other boy, and then log back in… There has to be a better way, right? Kathleen Morris (@kathleen morris) May 6, 2020 #RemoteLearning #Homeschooling
In other words, if your tasks, instructional videos, and other learning materials do not include a password, please make them public. Parents and students will be much more successful as a result of your efforts, and they will thank you for it.
Not all websites are blogs, but all blogs are websites. A blog is simply a website with a built-in collection of resources for content organization called articles, which can be further structured using tags and categories.
This eliminates the need for parents to sift through my (often lengthy) posts to find the basics for distance learning each day. If they are in a rush, or if they sit down to start school before I publish the daily post, it helps them.

Google classroom plus google sites work together

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How to create a google site for teachers | teacher tip #14

Please click on the platform name to access online classroom tools that teachers have set up for their students, such as Freshgrade and Seesaw. Please keep in mind that in order to use a forum, you must first: 1) To access a particular class’ platform, you must first sign in; 2) the person accessing the platform must be a student or parent/guardian in that class; and 2) the person accessing the platform must be invited to enter the class by the classroom teacher.
Mr. Zlatanov has built a Flip Grid platform for all of his Physical Education students. Students in Ms. Aitchison’s class, Mme. Boker’s class, M. McDowall’s class, Mrs. Skog’s class, Ms. Weatherby’s class, Mme. Loranger’s class, and Mme. Van Vliet’s class will log in using a password given by their classroom teachers.

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