Elavon error codes

Elavon error codes

Elavon error code 4025

The credit card processing networks and the customer’s issuing credit card bank produce a 00 approval or decline response code. Without contacting the issuing bank or fixing an issue at the processor stage, this cannot be overridden.
Within the last 10 minutes, the same transaction amount, invoice number, and credit card charge account have been attempted. This is most likely an error; please update the invoice number or wait 10 minutes before attempting again. See also: What is a “DT” decline code for a duplicate transaction?
The customer has expressly demanded that the issuer stop processing your recurring transactions. Obtain a new method of payment from your client, or request that the block be removed.
This transaction was considered unacceptable at settlement time for an undisclosed reason. The authorization code has been revoked in this situation, and funds have not been transferred. To fix the problem, contact the customer and the customer’s issuer.
Since the minimum or exact sum was not remitted, the bank account was under litigation, the payment was an overpayment, the originator was unknown to the receiver, or the receiver had not allowed this credit entry to this bank account, the receiver returned the entry.

Converge error codes

The bank-related response codes returned from the Payment API are mentioned in this document. The answer.message and response.message id properties returned by the API response object correspond to the “Message ID” and “Cardholder message” columns. The “Merchant message” column includes a more informative message that the API does not return.
Responses to credit card purchases are classified into processor classes (Chase Paymentech, Desjardins, Elavon, First Data, Global, TD, Vital). If you’re processing transactions on a test account, instead of a processor, you’ll get responses from our simulator.

Elavon password

Invalid credentials, such as the API Login ID or Transaction Key, have been sent, resulting in this error. If you’ve double-checked that your API login ID and Transaction Key are correct, you might want to double-check that you’re submitting to the right URL. Please make sure to post to the sandbox URL if you’re using a test account. Be sure to post to the production URL if you’re using a live account.
When setting validationMode to liveMode for merchants using the HSBC or FDI Australia processors, this error can occur because these processors do not support authorization reversals. Instead, HSBC and FDI Australia merchants can set validationMode to testMode.

Elavon test cards

This extension is part of our Payment category and could have an effect on your store’s PCI enforcement. It is the merchant’s duty to ensure that their store is PCI compliant to the degree specified by PCI regulations. When assessing Payment extensions and how they can impact your PCI compliance level, one tool you can use is the PCI Self-Assessment. Please read the Marketplace Terms & Conditions for more detail on Marketplace policies.
Assemble Elavon (formerly Virtual Merchant) is a payment gateway that allows you to accept payments through Elavon, a global payment processing pioneer. Elavon handles payments for over 1 million companies worldwide, and the Converge Portal is Elavon’s payment network.
Converge allows you the flexibility to add payment functionality to any part of your company and scale it up or down as required. You will need to accept payments on your new e-commerce website as your company expands, or you may want to commercialize your mobile app. Converge allows you to manage all of your payments in one location and accept a variety of payment methods.

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