Edit paypal button

Edit paypal button

How to customize a payment button

I’m working with Magento CE 1.9 and Paypal Express Checkout. I’ve configured it to accept credit cards without requiring a PayPal account. However, it is not made clear to the customer during the checkout process that he can pay by credit card without having a PayPal account:
If you want to change the button’s appearance in Chrome, simply right-click on the image and select Inspect Element. The picture being named can be found in the HTML/CSS and theme directories. To ensure that this changed picture is secure for updates, copy it to your package and theme.
Jason’s response is right, but since the question “Any idea where ‘getPaymentAcceptanceMarkSrc’ gets its meaning from?” was never addressed, I decided to investigate further for the sake of learning more about Magento.
The image’s URL is obtained by calling the function $this-> config->getPaymentMarkImageUrl. This is also a PayPal-specific feature, which can be found in the appcodecoreMagePaypalModelConfig.php file.

Add paypal buy now button to website

I can’t find the “edit button” unless I ask Louise because Paypal’s interface has changed. And her response is bla bla bla…”here,” with a connection, of course. But there’s no easy way to get there, so for the past few weeks, that’s been my method of getting to edit my buttons, and it’s getting annoying. Could anyone please tell me where the link on the PayPal page is? Thank you.
Since Paypal modified their interface, I’m baffled,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
How do I locate my Saved Buttons, please?
What is the best way to locate Selling Preference?
What is the location of the Merchant ACCOUNT???
I’m totally lost in this place.
Could anyone please assist me?
Laurence’s name is Laurence.

How to change your price on your paypal buy now button

You can make a Pay with PayPal button in one of two ways. The steps below will teach you how to build a button in WordPress.com. See our guide to using the Pay with PayPal block for more information about how to add a payment button in wp-admin.
Toggle the Allow people to buy more than one item at a time button below the Price field if you want consumers to be able to buy multiples of the same item (for example, if you’re selling knitted scarves and want them to be able to buy several at once).
Finally, PayPal can deliver payments for goods sold or contributions received to the email address you give. Make sure the email address you enter is right and that it belongs to you! To claim any payments you receive from the button you’re making, you’ll also need a free PayPal account linked to your bank account.
Click the next to the symbol while viewing a post or page in the Visual Editor, and then select the option to add a payment tab. A list of the payment buttons you’ve already built will appear:

How to add paypal buttons

PayPal buttons may normally be customized in terms of appearance and text. It then provides you with the HTML code, which you can copy and paste into your website. However, your PayPal button can sometimes appear to be too large, covering the entire page of your website, necessitating the need for us to resize PayPal button.
What we need to do is apply the code in red font above. The ‘style’ attribute ensures that the PayPal button on your blog or website looks familiar. Make any necessary adjustments to the width and height measurements.

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