Edheads crash scene

Edheads crash scene

Ed-heads: crash scene investigation

7-17 years old is the age range for this project (Grades 2-12, with parental supervision.) This website provides teachers and students with free, colorful, and entertaining instructional animations that illustrate how things work. EdHeads is a non-profit organization that uses advertisements on the web to fund the creation of the animations. Since the advertisements are created at random, parents should always preview and supervise their children’s use of the web.
When you first visit the website, you’ll see an overview and a menu of events, including: Every animation includes a “Teachers Guide” that includes the recommended grade level, tips for using the animation in the classroom (that can be tweaked for home education), printable activities, state and national standards, as well as tests and answers.
Since the web allows users to view graphic images of actual surgeries, etc., PARENTS Can PREVIEW THE CONTENT TO DETERMINE ITS SUITABILITY. Some of the events and animations often have connections to additional learning resources. Those connections have not been examined.

Csi (crash scene investigation) hotspot: common jvm

In the Sickle Cell DNA game, your aim is to interview two parents to assess the probability that their child will develop sickle cell anemia, a genetic disorder. You will study pedigrees to determine whether the parents are carriers, use punnett squares to determine the likelihood that the child will have sickle cell, learn how sickle cells function and shape, and how DNA is constructed in this game.
Anyone interested in learning about genetics should play this game. It’s exciting and informative. This game is an excellent resource for learning about genetic therapy. (I recommend that only those with a good understanding of genetics play this game.)
Your goal in Crash Scene Investigation is to find out exactly what occurred in a fatal car accident. You use math skills to figure out post-collision speed, impact pressure, and more. You also conduct witness interviews and collect facts.
Anyone who loves the concept of being a detective, police officer, or other law enforcement officer should play this game. This game makes learning interesting by applying math skills to a modern-day career. (Please notice that this game needs a printout, so have some paper handy.)

Crash scene investigation

This website features a number of unique and enjoyable experiences for kids that are intended to help them understand challenging concepts. Try the immersive games on basic computers, accident scene investigation, and designing a mobile phone in the physical science classroom. Digital knee and hip replacement, aortic aneurysm surgery, and stem cell transplantation are all available as animated tours on the website. Teacher guides and lesson plans are connected to each operation. Prior to print, all actions are put to the test.
This website features a collection of unique and exciting animations for kids aimed at helping them understand basic and compound machines.
Kids learn by exploring daily devices found in kitchens, bathrooms, and tool sheds in an immersive way.

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-Design a Mobile Phone, Brain Surgery, Accident Scene, Hip Replacement, Knee Surgery, Basic Machines, Weather, and more are among Edheads’ virtual hands-on ventures. They can be found at http://www.edheads.org.
-Pintura, A.: Art Detective is a game about art history and composition that can be played online. You play a 1940s noir detective with an art history degree in the game. A tearful woman begs you to help her find the artist who created a painting she discovered in her grandfather’s attic. To do so, you’ll need to look at works by prominent artists like Gauguin and Van Gogh. Each illustration focuses on a different aspect of art, such as composition, design, or subject. http://www.eduweb.com/pintura/teacher.html provides more information about the game, and http://www.eduweb.com/pintura/index.html allows you to play it.

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