Ebay sent messages not showing

Ebay sent messages not showing

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My SENT box isn’t displaying the messages I’m sending to a seller. I sent a third payment to the seller this morning, assuming the first two hadn’t gone through, but it hasn’t arrived yet. As a result, I have no idea if the seller has received these messages. And if they do, they might well be perplexed as to what I’m up to!
Good day.
I sent a message to a seller yesterday, but it is no longer in my sent messages folder.
While that message is no longer in my sent messages folder, I did receive confirmation via email ( Email reference ID: [#a00-zjstxsfpz8#] [#6182129c64f14628ab5d1a627c737aff#] ).
I sent a new message to the same seller today (because the seller has not responded), and that message is now in my sent messages folder.
Thank you so much.
Hot regards
Greetings, Sarah!
I’ve been having the same problem with all sent messages not showing up in the SENT box for the entire month of MAY (i.e. responding to supplier’szdigital2013′ who sent a defective screen and now a faulty replacement screen). I requested a “pre-paid return sticker” and a “absolute refund” today, but I have no way of knowing if the supplier (based in China) received my request. CAN YOU PLEASE Correct THIS AND CONFIRM IF THE SUPPLIER Got MY MESSAGE? NOTE: I WILL NOT CLOSE THIS Conflict UNTIL I Obtain A Full REFUND. Could you please confirm that you have received this message? Thank you for your assistance, nickwins1 nickwins1 nickwins1 nickwins1

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Many eBay users are also aware of the years-long scourge of spoofing and phishing emails that have been circulating online. Spoof or phish emails are fake messages that claim to be from eBay; they often use the eBay logo and appear to be messages that eBay sends on a regular basis. They are, however, obtained from online offenders.
These email messages usually grab your attention by surprising you in some way, such as an eBay alert for a rule violation you know you didn’t commit. Occasionally, they tend to be a complaint from an unknown buyer or seller who appears to have been handled unfairly by you.
Most eBay members who have their accounts compromised by spoofers or phishers are unaware of it at first. Instead, they have one or more strange or unexpected issues with their eBay account, which leads them to discover that it has been hacked only after eBay tells them.
Your eBay account is suddenly “locked out.” If you find yourself unable to log in to eBay without warning, it’s possible that someone else has obtained your username and password and used them to log into your account and change the password, effectively logging you out.

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On Ebay, I recently sold an object. It indicates that the buyer paid through PayPal this morning, but there is no money in my PayPal account. Ebay instructs you to print a shipping label and mail the object. Why would I do anything like that if I don’t have any money to show for it?
Have you recently updated your PayPal account’s email address? The most common cause of this problem is that the auction form was filled out incorrectly or with an outdated email address. By pulling up one of the products and clicking on “Sell Similar,” you will see what email address was used. Look over the payments section and make a note of the email address. If you still have access to this email address, add it to your PayPal account and confirm it in order to accept payments. This must be completed within 30 days of the payment’s receipt, or the funds will be immediately returned. If you don’t have access to this email address, ask your customers to cancel their orders so that they can manually transfer money to your new address using the Send Money tab. Make sure you contact them and remind them of your plans, as well as your new email address. If you’re sending them a money request through PayPal, you may want to ask for theirs to make the new payment easier. I hope this information is useful.

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However, if you’ve been selling on eBay for a long time, you’re bound to run into some strange buyers who waste your time and others who try to defraud you. That’s why eBay gives you the ability to stop those people from buying your products.
Blocking eBay buyers should not be done on a regular basis. However, there are occasions when it’s important to discourage anyone from bidding on or purchasing your goods – particularly if you’ve had a bad experience with this buyer in the past.
Even if you refresh the page or return later, the names of the buyers you’ve blocked will appear in the text box on the block bidders page. To unblock a customer, simply delete them from the list and save the changes by clicking ‘Submit’ again.
Users that have been blocked are still able to contact you about a listing. You can change this on your eBay account’s buyer criteria page if you want to. This page can be found in your account’s ‘Web Preferences’ tab.
You might also be very strategic and exclude buyers from certain countries or regions where shipping is prohibitively costly. If you’re dealing with low-margin goods and offering free shipping, this could be a great way to protect your company.

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