Ebay modem router

Ebay modem router

Alte router wiederverwenden als wlan access point – avm

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Bought for $35 and sold for $170 cable modem/router on ebay

My home internet now consists of a cheapo ZTE Blade smartphone that acts as a hotspot (on the Visible unlimited plan) and an old Cradlepoint CTR35 travel router that is designed to use WIFI as the WAN. I live in the middle of nowhere, and this gives me 5 mbps down and 2 mbps up. The issue is that the CTR35 often crashes and loses communication. It is necessary to switch off and then on the router. The phone always shows the router as attached when the router goes down, so I know it’s on the end of the travel router. The router may appear to be attached, but there is no connection. It’s from around 2012, and it was just something I had in the garage that worked.
I found a $20 TP Link WISP router on Ebay that I believe will do the job and sustain the connection. I’m looking for something to act as a DHCP server so that the phone only sees one client at a time. I’ve never used or heard of a WISP router before, but I believe it’s the smoking gun.
The only other choice I have is to use a $350 MOFI 4500 with the TTL set to 65, but that is completely incompatible with Visible TOS. Any other suggestions in case the WISP router fails? Even though it’s only Wireless N 300mbps, I only use it to stream SD content from my Plex server.

Avm fritz! box 7530: dsl-zugang verkabeln & einrichten

I’ll be returning to my apartment shortly and have decided to keep my internet services with Teksavvy. For some background, I lived in this apartment for about a year before being forced to leave in October of last year when the building was destroyed by fire and my unit was made uninhabitable; the renovation and repairs took more than a year, and I was forced to return to my parents’ home. I’m hoping to return to the apartment in the coming weeks now that the majority of the repairs have been completed.
I used to use Teksavvy’s “5mbps Cable bundle with 200GB bandwidth/month” plan for internet access when I lived in the apartment, which was enough for me to work from home (i.e. fast enough internet speed and with enough bandwidth). So, when I return, I’m going to stick to the same schedule.
The problem is that for my Teksavvy internet service, I previously used the TP-Link TC7650 modem and the TP-Link Archer C7 AC1750 router, but the TP-Link TC7650 modem has been discontinued (no longer available for purchase on Amazon or elsewhere online). It functioned flawlessly, and TP-customer Link’s service was excellent.

Avm fritz! box 7590: dsl-zugang verkabeln & einrichten

” M5 Technologies has proven to have a world-class voice/SIP SW stack, technological flexibility, and a positive working relationship. As a result, the M5 Technologies SW stack has been successfully incorporated into Intel® PumaTM products and is now being used by leading Cable Operators.
M5 Technologies contributes to the continuous development and advancement of technology by providing carrier-grade products and services. Multi-service gateways, softclients, and UC software, as well as remote mass management and provisioning tools, are among the products available to operators and service providers. Find out more.
The SIP Client Engine SDKs from Media5 have been checked and proven interoperable with major telecom manufacturers and softswitch/IMS vendors, and they are compliant with stringent international standards. Our technology and experience help developers to achieve a quicker time-to-market, simpler implementation, and cost savings.

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