Ebay drafts limit

Ebay drafts limit

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On.ca, only the first 20 saved drafts will be available (the rest are hidden but will be there if you produce more). I have over 250 saved drafts at the moment (mostly for .ca, a few for .com). When using the Seller Hub on.com, you can see all of these in “Drafts.” The ability to copy drafts is one feature on the.com site that I really like.
I just ran a short experiment. Please accept my apologies for the big images. First, I made a rough draft. I pasted it into the bulk listing method, which helps me to duplicate the draft. I then made 49 copies, giving me a total of 50 drafts. When I returned to my drafts tab, I was able to see all 50 of them on one screen, but I had to scroll to see them all. Mine is set to display 50 items per list, but I’m not sure if that’s the norm. So, based on my experience, I can save and access more than 20 drafts on.CA at a time.
Regardless of whether I set the number per page to 25, 50, or some other number, I’ve never been able to display more than 20 draft listings on.ca. That’s something I’ve never known, but it’s always been that way…which is why I use the Seller Hub on.com.

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Reason: Since you did not opt-in to eBay’s business policies, eBay is unable to set up your policies.

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Workaround: Log in to your eBay account and opt-in to eBay business policies at http://www.bizpolicy.ebay.com/businesspolicy/policyoptin. After that, you can build your eBay payment, delivery, and return policies.
Reason: To ensure that buyers have a secure buying and selling experience on eBay, eBay can limit the number of units available per listing.
Workaround: Lower the available quantity for this listing before re-uploading it.
Reason: In order to sell on eBay, you must use an automated payment system for your eBay selling fees, so eBay will ask for your credit card details.
Workaround: Go to eBay and set up an automated payment system for your eBay sale fees. https://pages.ebay.com/help/sell/sell-getstarted.html or http://pages.ebay.com/help/sell/automatic-payments.html for more details.

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Because of unverified allegations, Ebay has wrongly suspended me, causing me to lose $7,000.00 a week. I’d like to hear from someone who has or has had a problem with ebay.com so that I can add you to my class action complaint list. They hide behind their auto-responders and do not respond to your requests, and there is no public way to find them, such as an address or phone number, to speak with anyone about your problem. They are becoming extremely wealthy off of us, and we are unable to share our side of the story because they simply suspend you and continue to charge (fraudulently) your credit cards in order to make as much profit as possible by walking on as many feet as possible on their way up the Global Ladder. How can we put a stop to it? To whom do we address our grievances? How would we be able to help our families if our main source of income, ebay.com, is no longer available? They even cancelled an ad asking for support by donating to a father of two children who is in desperate need of an organ transplant because they were not going to make enough money from the ad. They’d rather let somebody suffer in order to benefit. What kind of business and owners will do such a thing? EBAY.COM is an online auction site. who is it?

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Is there a limit on how many drafts I can save? I’ve had a wide range of responses. At the moment, I’ve saved 20 drafts. Where do you draw the line? I’d like to save drafts of the 40 items I list each month so that I can add them to the list on the first of the month.
Instead of saving them as drafts, why don’t you schedule them to begin on the first of the month? Some people are concerned that if they start early, they would have to pay fees, but I’ve never had a problem with it. You can plan up to three weeks ahead of time, but if you need more time, simply reschedule (you can do them all in bulk).
It’s worth noting that Kopes bet me on it.
Scheduling fees now only apply to those types of appointments.
From the sitemap
If you want to update your listing, you will be charged these fees.
There are no StoreStore subscribers.
Add Buy It Now to an auction for $2.00.
$0.50 *FREE*
$0.40 for scheduled listings in the following categories:
I figured I had saved 30+ drafts last week, but I only have 20 now. I’m guessing that if the number of drafts reaches 20, the old ones are replaced by new ones. It’s a shame there isn’t a way to know this before starting, since I seem to have squandered a lot of time planning listings that no longer exist. I looked up music scheduling fees and discovered that they are 20c per listing. I used to be able to schedule listings for free via Auction Splash, but that service is no longer available.

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