Ebay compromised account

Ebay compromised account

Ebay asks users to change password after breach

eBay’s morning just got a whole lot worse. The e-commerce site reported on Wednesday that its corporate network had been compromised and that a database containing user passwords had been accessed. Despite the fact that there is no proof that the hack compromised users’ financial details, eBay is advising all users to update their passwords.
eBay customers’ names, encrypted passwords, email addresses, physical addresses, phone numbers, and dates of birth were all stored in the database, which was hacked in late February and early March, according to eBay. Users’ financial details, however, was not obtained, according to the firm.
Starting later on Wednesday, eBay will ask its users to change their passwords via email, site notifications, and “other marketing channels.” Users were also advised to update their passwords on any other sites they used with the same log-in credentials, according to the company. It also included a security tip at the end of its blog post: “Never use the same password across multiple sites or accounts.”

Ebay compromised accounts – stay away and secure your

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It’s critical to act quickly if you see suspicious activity in your account. If you believe your account has been hacked, try and see if someone who has access to it has made any changes or used it to purchase or sell something.

Is ebay safe? || my ebay seller account was

Many eBay users are also aware of the years-long scourge of spoofing and phishing emails that have been circulating online. Spoof or phish emails are fake messages that appear to be from eBay; they often use the eBay logo and appear to be messages that eBay sends on a regular basis. They are, however, obtained from online offenders.
These email messages normally catch your attention by surprising you in some way, such as an eBay alert for a rule violation you know you didn’t commit. Occasionally, they tend to be a complaint from an anonymous buyer or seller who appears to have been handled unfairly by you.
Most eBay members who have their accounts hacked by spoofers or phishers are unaware of it at first. Instead, they have one or more strange or unexpected issues with their eBay account, which leads them to discover that it has been hacked only after eBay tells them.
Your eBay account is suddenly “locked out.” If you find yourself unable to log in to eBay without warning, it’s possible that someone else has obtained your username and password and used them to log into your account and change the password, effectively logging you out.

E-bay policies

If we think a third party has compromised your account, we’ll put a temporary block on it for your safety. See How to Get Help With a Compromised Account for more detail about what to do next.
If your account has been put on hold, restricted, or suspended, we’ll send you an email explaining what happened and what you need to do to get it back. A copy of this message can be found in your Messages folder.
Depending on why your account was suspended, getting it restored may be as easy as waiting for a temporary suspension to end, making adjustments to your listings, or sending us more details. The complete information will be included in the letter we’ve sent you.
If your account has been limited or suspended due to unpaid seller fees or a refund rebate, you can fix the problem by making a one-time payment. Your account will be reopened once we obtain your invoice.
We need to confirm your identity and bank account information as part of the controlled payments registration process so you can collect your payouts. We’ll put a hold on your account until we can check your details. After this is finished, we’ll send you an email to let you know that your account has been approved for the latest payments experience and that the hold has been lifted.

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