Easytether not working

Easytether not working

Easytether pro tether data from android to windows/mac

On my Mac, I installed some tethering apps, which caused ADB to stop recognizing devices. Using the kextunload command in the terminal, the software’s troubleshoot guide (http://www.mobile-stream.com/easytether/android faq.html#adbmacosx) said to manually unload the driver.
I tried using kextunload, but my screen was still not visible in adb devices. I tried a few things, but the only thing that worked was uninstalling EasyTether Lite completely from both my Mac and my device. The measures are as follows.

Windows 10 usb tethering fix

You are welcome to use the 3G Wifi Hotspot. I have an HTC Desire with the same version of Droid software, and I can connect to the hotspot via WinXP and Win7 with no problems. You can attach up to 5 computers, according to the documentation. According to my testing, it works very well and is quite fast. There is no extra charge to use the Wifi Hotspot if you have an unlimited data plan, which is a significant benefit over traditional tethering with a BlackBerry or other smartphone. This was confirmed to me by US Cellular, our carrier. I’m not sure if it’s the same in other parts of the world.
This has been going on for a while; I just have two desktops at home, so it’s not a big deal. Since I have a laptop, iPod touch, and two smart phones that need wireless, I have it installed and ready on my desktops.

Android usb tethering not working windows 10? solved

I can tether fine with Windows 7, but the USB network is not recognized by my Mac OS X Mountain Lion. I can install Easy-Tether (Lite), but it has some limitations (e.g., no protected web sites, so no gmail), so I’d rather use the built-in tethering of Cyanogenmod 7, which I have installed on my Android phone.
I’m sure this isn’t your choice, but the paid version of Easy Tether includes the required Mac OS X kernel extensions – so you might just pay a one-time charge (currently $10) to have this function programmed by someone who has already done the work.

Bluetooth tether android and windows pc

Tethering allows you to use your smartphone’s network link to connect to the internet on your PC. Since Android 2.2 “Froyo,” USB tethering and Wi-Fi access point tethering are natively enabled.
AziLink is a USB tethering program for Android phones that does not require root access. It’s especially useful for Android versions prior to 2.2, when there was no stock USB tethering functionality. It also doesn’t necessitate any browser updates, because all network traffic is managed transparently (except ICMP pings). At high use rates, it may be CPU intensive on the phone (a 500 kBytes/sec data transfer rate may use more than half of the phone’s CPU).
The openvpn kit must be installed in Arch. In order for your computer to be recognized, you’ll also need to install the android-tools kit for the adb tool and android-udev, which creates the correct /usr/lib/udev/rules.d/51-android.rules file. You’ll need azilink.apk on your tablet (azilink homepage). The android app serves as a NAT, and adb forwards the ports to your phone, where your openvnp setup can connect.

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