Easy auto reviews

Easy auto reviews

2014 fiat 500l test drive video review

This business has not yet been licensed. To learn more, read the reviews below or leave your own. Quick Auto Ship is an auto transport company that offers a range of vehicle shipping services both domestically and internationally. Accessible and enclosed transport, as well as expedited shipping, are all available through the business. It arranges shipping for cars, bikes, RVs, boats, and heavy machinery. According to the company’s website, Simple Auto Ship has delivered over 123,000 cars. Find Auto Transporters in your area.
Simple Auto Ship could be a good choice for transporting your car. As a logistics broker, the organization coordinates car shipping with various carriers. There are options for enclosed and expedited transportation.
Accessible transport, enclosed car shipping, door-to-door transport, heavy equipment transport, international auto transport, and more are all available via Easy Auto Ship. Cars, trucks, RVs, motorcycles, boats, tractors, and golf carts are among the vehicles transported by the company. Easy Auto Ship suggests booking transportation at least two weeks ahead of time, ideally one month. You may request a quote and complete your reservation either online or over the phone. It is possible to schedule at the last minute. When a driver has been assigned to your shipment, Simple Auto Ship will alert you and provide you with a pickup window. The average transit time is four to ten business days. In the event of damage or failure, Easy Auto Ship’s policy, when combined with the carrier’s, protects a minimum of $100,000.

2013 fiat panda review – what car?

I drove an hour and a half to this dealership to buy a car I saw on the internet. After you buy a car, the dealership has 30 days to get you a title (you have 45 to get it transferred and plates). I called on a Friday after 32 days of not getting a title to see what had happened. They told me that the title will be mine the following Wednesday. YET AGAIN, THERE IS NO TITLE. When I called on Thursday, they gave me the runaround and said the title would arrive by Monday. They were in breach when I asked why it was taking so long…they didn’t have a response and there was no apology. The title did arrive, but I would not have got it if I hadn’t called because they were clueless. Since they were in breach of Ohio law, my next call was to the Ohio Attorney General. The name is a ruse. Sleazy Auto is a better name.
I called several times with a long list of questions about a particular vehicle. They lied and convinced me everything was fine, that everything had been tested, and that the car was in perfect condition. I drove three hours to see this vehicle. When I arrived, the employees were unhelpful, and the vehicle was a complete mess. There was no rear view mirror, the hood was supported by plywood, the car wouldn’t start, and it was covered in scratches. I didn’t even want to take it to a mechanic because I didn’t want to know what else was wrong with it. I’m enraged that I’ve had this encounter. I ended up stopping by another nearby used car dealership and telling them what had happened, and they said they hear similar stories all the time—that simple auto sales reps lie to all of their customers in order to make shady sales. DON’T EVEN THINK ABOUT GOING THERE. 0 out of 10

Fiat tipo in-depth review – carbuyer

USE THIS Business AT ALL COSTS!!! You won’t be able to contact them until they receive your payment. Call instead of having an online quote if you think you’ll need them. You’ll see what I’m talking about. For up to an hour, you’ll be on hold. This business is Bad.
Using Easy Auto Ship to ship my truck from Arizona to Florida was the best decision I ever made. Richard, my agent, was extremely helpful, courteous, and competent. He took the time to clarify the process and policies they use to hire only the brightest, savviest candidates.
I sat down to write a review for Quick Auto Ship, and the rep I worked with, Samantha (whom you should definitely ask for!) was overjoyed to see her name pop up again and again. She is a wonderful lady who made me feel at ease right away.

Suv doorstep quick review (easy car rooftop access

With that said, our car arrived in Cali on the 12th from Honolulu. I was literally testing Pasha’s tracking number HOURLY in order to inform Simple Auto Ship as soon as possible. Bear in mind that your car will be kept for one week. The fee is $50 a day after that.
When December 20th arrives, Easy Auto Ship is still looking for a carrier. When he gets to the car (on 12/28) he is unable to power it (the battery needed a jump). We didn’t realize until the carrier had already cancelled the order that this was the case.
They eventually find a driver on January 1st, 2003. I get an email telling me to call him because he wants assistance with our order. When you call him, he seems completely befuddled, as though he has no idea what we’re talking about. He then cites a storage charge of $285. I’m trying to figure out if it’s from RoadOne. He agrees to call me later.
No response after several hours. Please keep in mind that we have lost our Friday pickup date. Since Road One isn’t available on weekends, we’ll be fined for two days because the driver didn’t answer our call.
On Monday, I finally reach out to my rep, who informs me that the driver demands payment of all storage fees before he can pick up my belongings. I call Road One and learn that storage costs $485. Naturally, I’m furious at this point because Easy Auto Ship has been on notification since the 15th of November! I contact my rep, who essentially tells me I’m screwed because finding a driver was difficult during the holidays, and they only made $50 on the deal.

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