Duckduckgo vs google reddit

Duckduckgo vs google reddit

How to change the default search in google

The auction is held every three months, with the first one’s results taking effect in March. For the months of October to December, the results of the most recent auction will be in place. The winners included competing search engines Bing (13 countries), DuckDuckGo (four countries), (all 31 countries), GMX (16 countries), PrivacyWall (22 countries), and Yandex (eight countries).
DuckDuckGo criticized the process as an inherently unfair tactic to please European regulators and not a valid way to boost search engine competition after failing to win more than four countries in previous auctions. The company said that it was “priced out of this auction because we choose not to increase our profits by manipulating our customers,” implying that it makes less money per search and therefore is unable to bid as much as its search engine competitors.

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DuckDuckGo (abbreviated DDG) is an internet search engine that prioritizes user privacy and avoids the filter bubble of personalized search results.

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[3] DuckDuckGo sets itself apart from other search engines by not profiling its users and by providing the same search results to all users with the same search word.

Google vs duckduckgo | search engine manipulation

[5] As of January 2021[update], the company is headquartered in Paoli, Pennsylvania, in Greater Philadelphia, and employs 124 people.

Duck duck go vs. google search

[2] The name of the business is a play on the children’s game Egg, Duck, Goose.

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[number six]

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Weinberg launched a DuckDuckGo community website ( in July 2010 to encourage users to report bugs, discuss ways to spread the search engine’s use, request functionality, and discuss open sourcing the code.
[number 16] was purchased in December 2018[18] after the company registered the domain name on February 22, 2011. [nineteen] [20], which are shortened URL aliases that lead to
By May of that year, the search engine had received 1.5 million daily searches. Weinberg posted $115,000 in sales in 2011 and three workers, as well as a small number of contractors. [page 24] In February 2012, received an estimated 266,465 unique visitors. [25] Alexa posted a 51 percent three-month growth rate on April 12, 2011. [26th] According to DuckDuckGo’s own traffic figures, there were 1,393,644 visits per day in August 2012, up from an average of 39,406 visits per day in April 2010. (the earliest data available). (#27) The Washington Post reported in a lengthy profile in November 2012 that DuckDuckGo searches peaked at 45,000,000 per month in October 2012. The article came to this conclusion:

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It’s as if you’ve never been to DuckDuckGo before every time you search. We simply don’t store anything that can connect your searches to you or group them into a search history that can be traced back to you later. Check out our privacy policy for more details.
That might seem to be a positive thing at first glance, but most people who claim they want personalization in a search sense really mean localization. They want weather and restaurants in their area, which can be given without monitoring, as we do at DuckDuckGo. This is because your machine automatically embeds estimated location information in the search request, which we can use to serve you local results and then discard without monitoring you.
Beyond localization, customized results are risky because they must filter results they believe you will miss in order to show you results they believe you will click on. The Filter Bubble gets its name from this.
As a result, if you have political leanings in one direction or the other, you’re more likely to get results that you already agree with and less likely to see alternative views. In the end, this results in more echo bubbles, which contribute greatly to our highly divided culture.

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DuckDuckGo was created by me. D.W. is correct; breaking our privacy policy could get us in serious trouble. In addition, both in our privacy policy and on my blog, I’ve tried to be as open as possible about how we work.
I looked at the data being sent back to the DuckDuckGo servers from my browser (Firefox 14.0.1 on Ubuntu 11.04) when I do page searches (without modifying any of DuckDuckGo’s default settings) and found the following good points:
Having said that, if you do not take precautions, DuckDuckGo will still be able to connect your searches to a single user, including you. Since it does not shift from one request to the next, the user agent is a means of identification (unless you take precautions against this). Your internet-facing router’s IP address will also appear on the DuckDuckGo server.
There are things you can do to mask your identity even more for these last two reasons, such as downloading a user agent randomizer or using Tor, but if you don’t, you’ll have to trust DuckDuckGo when they claim they value your privacy. They have done everything they can to ensure me that they value my privacy, as far as I can tell. Would I check for incriminating words on my computer without using Tor or other security software? Certainly not!

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