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Drupal 8 user guide: 5.5. designating a front page for your

Many websites would have a ‘Welcome’ message at the top of their home page, or maybe you, the creator, have a specific piece of content that you want anyone who visits your page to see every time.
Go to Site Setup > Site Information in your browser. Default front page can be found at the bottom of this page, where it says “Default front page.” Enter the URL of the page you want to serve as your home page, such as node/1.
What is the most likely cause for this message to appear? I briefly changed mysite.com/front to mysite.com/node, and now if I try to return to “front,” I get an access error and my front page displays “Page Not Found.”

Drupal 8 site building, lesson 41: update your front page

In Drupal 8, creating a home page or front page is very close to how we did it in Drupal 7. By default, the home page displays all nodes in teaser view. We simply need to create a new page and schedule it to appear on the page; instead, you may encourage another node to appear on the home page. However, we would prefer to have a custom page as our site’s home page rather than a list of preview views most of the time. I’ll walk you through the process of changing the front page of your new Drupal 8 website in this blog post.

Drupal 8 layout and theming, lesson 46: theming front page

I’ve been working on this problem for 6 hours and it appears to be quite easy, but I can’t seem to figure it out. I’m building a Drupal site for a client, and I’ve never used Drupal before. I’ve learned the basics of custom theming, and all was going swimmingly until I ran into a problem with path aliases.
I’ve started a new Drupal project and try to reproduce the issue in its most basic form. I have a bartik theme with a about us page that I have removed all material from. I only have a simple page named About, which is node/1. There is only one connection in the main menu that leads to node/1. “about” is an alias I’ve created for the blog.
I installed the pathauto module and set content/[node:title] as the default pattern for all content aliases. When I add a new alias, such as content/about, all works good, but I still can’t get the pattern just [node:title] to work.

Build your first drupal 8 site, lesson 9: customizing your

Please note that your browser is no longer supported and will no longer receive security updates. Websites can no longer show or behave in the same way they did previously. To continue to enjoy the modern web, please switch to Microsoft Edge, Microsoft’s newest browser.
So it’s time to build a new Drupal theme. You’ve got your base theme (we like Zen) built, personalized, and ready to go. Now that you’ve styled and slickened up your interior page design, it’s time to move on to the homepage… Typically not in keeping with the rest of the site’s architecture.
When I went through the same process in Drupal 7, however, I found some items that weren’t quite right and weren’t well known. After much testing, I discovered that you now had to use a double hyphen in the nomenclature described above to build your homepage template and make it register as such: “page–front.tpl.php” vs “page-front.tpl.php,” which felt random.
Page content was also governed by a new block called “Main page content,” which could be dragged into a desired region to load the site with content. This is fantastic! I went into the block settings and told it to show on every page except the front when I was ready to set up the homepage, which didn’t require any sort of dynamic content “loop.” Then I configured all of my homepage-specific blocks to only appear on the homepage. That’s it.

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