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Dr. Matthew Green is a historian and broadcaster who holds an Oxford University PhD in London history. He contributes historical features to the Telegraph and the Guardian, participates in BBC, ITV, and Channel 4 documentaries, and gives talks all over London. Unreal City Audio, which produces immersive, critically acclaimed tours of London as live events, audio downloads, and games, is co-founded by him. He is passionate about bringing history to life through tours, talks, television, and radio, in addition to writing.

The lost world of the london coffeehouse | dr matthew green

Matthew Green is a British journalist and author who was born on October 17, 1975. He grew up in Hampton, Middlesex, and attended Hampton School before moving to Oxford University to study African politics and working for Reuters in East Africa for five years. He is currently the Financial Times’ South Asia Security Correspondent. 1st
Matthew’s first novel, The Wizard of the Nile: The Quest for Africa’s Most Wanted, chronicles his search for Joseph Kony, the enigmatic rebel leader notorious for kidnapping children and using them as child soldiers, in Uganda’s war zone.
He worked as the Financial Times’ West Africa correspondent in Lagos from 2007 to 2009. Matthew started a new assignment as the Financial Times’ South Asia Security Correspondent in September 2009, covering Afghanistan and Pakistan from Kabul and Islamabad. Though embedded with US marines during the last Iraq War, he also reported from the frontlines.

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An Unreal City tour is a cathartic journey of exploration, written and performed by Oxford-educated experts in the more offbeat sides of London’s history and culture, energised by actors and musicians, and propelled by humorous and evocative narratives.
Duncan Brown is a musician, journalist, and developer who studied music at Oxford, went on to City University to study journalism, and then worked as a digital strategist at Westminster. He co-founded Unreal City Audio with Dr. Green in 2012 after being uninspired by a government job. He now co-writes and directs the tours, as well as unearthing lost folk songs to go along with them.
Edward Shawcross worked in a bar on the French Riviera, taught English in (South) Korea and then Colombia, ran online and offline marketing campaigns for a London-based start-up fashion label, and organized events with high-profile public speakers for an international speaker agency after graduating from Oxford with a degree in ancient and modern history. He earned a master’s degree in history from UCL in 2012, and he is currently working on a PhD on nineteenth-century French imperialism in Latin America.

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Text and illustration (from illuminated poetry to graphic novels); Gothic (literature, popular culture, film, television, and graphic novels); novel (from the eighteenth century to the present); epic and narrative poetry; science fiction
Artists / Writers Theorists include: I’ve written about William Blake, Judith Butler, Lord Byron, Jacques Derrida, Ben Okri, Alan Moore, Paul Ricoeur, Salman Rushdie, and others; I’m also interested in Iain M. Banks, Warren Ellis, Stephen King, Cormac McCarthy, Grant Morrison, Bryan Talbot, and many other writers who work in the fields listed above and below.
Adaptation and Cultural Inheritance; Graphic Novels and Comics Studies; Critical Theory; Romanticism; the Enlightenment and Counter-Enlightenment; Judaeo-Christian Mysticism and Exegesis; Empiricism and the History of Science are all examples of movements and modes of practice.
Summary of the research
My diverse interests include cultural inheritance as well as the role of literature and art in culture. Currently, I’m studying and publishing on the following topics:

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