Download size requires wifi

Download size requires wifi

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With Apple’s WWDC 2019 fast approaching, the company has made a change to its App Store that could make it easier to download apps. Those with restricted data plans, on the other hand, should be cautious. The App Store’s cellular download caps for applications were raised this week from 150MB to 200MB. 9to5Mac was the first to notice the move. Users may not receive a message instructing them to connect to Wi-Fi in order to download applications that are smaller than the new file size cap. The last time Apple updated the download caps was in September 2017, when it increased them from 100 to 150 megabytes. It makes the switch every few years as cellular data networks improve, such as in 2012 when the company increased the data cap to a whopping 50MB after upgrading from 3G to 4G. T-Mobile, AT&T, Sprint, and Verizon are all testing 5G networks, so Apple seems to be ready for the forthcoming speed increase. A request for comment from Apple was not immediately returned.

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When I’m not connected to the internet, which is most of the time during the week, I get a message that says “Downloading English.” The download size necessitates the use of WiFi.” I can’t get rid of the message because it won’t let me swipe it away. So, where is this coming from, and why isn’t it just downloading while I’m linked to the internet? In case it matters, I’m using a Motorola G3.
If you long-press (press and hold) a notification in the notification tray, you can see additional choices, such as a letter I for details. If you tap the I the settings for the app that is producing the notification will open.

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I uploaded my most recent binary and discovered that it was 104MB in size. I was unaware of this when I submitted the app for analysis, and I received no emails informing me that the binary size was too big. I canceled the review process because I wanted to make sure the software could be downloaded over cellular data. I realized I’d forgotten to include the symbol data (the ipa file had the “Symbols” folder within it, alongsize the “Payload “folder). I wanted to regenerate the ipa file but leave the symbol files alone. The uploaded ipa file was 77.1MB in size. I received an email from iTunesConnecty after submitting this new version for review: “Dear Programmer, The app binary listed below was 77.1 MB when you submitted it, but once processed for the App Store, it will be 105.1 MB. This exceeds the cellular network file size limit, necessitating the use of Wi-Fi to download your app:” This perplexed me because the jump from 77.1MB to 105MB is very important. Additionally, previous app updates’ ipa files were between 80 and 96 MB in size, with no alerts about reaching the 100MB limit. Has someone else had a similar experience? Might it be that iTunesConnect is confused and testing the original 104MB binary rather than the 77.1MB binary?

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When I use my mobile data network to access the Play Store, the Play Store always asks if I want to download the game over WiFi because it is so large. It makes no difference whether I check or uncheck the box to use WiFi for the download; the result is the same: my phone waits for a WiFi link.
This is a basic solution that can be found in the Downloads app. If you’re in here, press the little gear icon on the top right of the screen to access the app’s settings, where you’ll find the data consumption slider. On a device level, this regulates all data access and downloads, and I’ve noticed that even with WiFi turned on, it will always limit your downloads until it’s sure you’re not using a metered cell data link. This was also the case for me with hotspots, as it mistook it for a metered cell data link and refused to let me download something. Setting this to a more rational limit than 1MB is ideal, but if you want to completely disable it, simply set it to unlimited. You should now be able to download whatever you want on any link that makes you happy, so get downloading!

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