Double shopping cart

Double shopping cart

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You’ll see grocery shopping in a whole new light until your twins arrive. (And no, I’m not referring to the light at the end of your ever-expanding shopping list.) When you’re doing your grocery shopping alone, just bringing two babies into the supermarket can be a challenge. It’s no longer possible to grab your purse and dash out the door. Unless you have a sitter, which I don’t have very much (or had).
As you’ll soon discover, strollers don’t have a lot of space for food, but they’re perfect for short trips. There is a basket underneath the stroller, but your diaper bag will likely take up the majority of that room. And if you have the luxury of hanging your diaper bag from your stroller, you won’t be able to fit more than a bag of diapers (and usually a box) in that little basket under there. You might be able to fit a package of baby wipes, a box of cereal, and a few canned goods in that bag of diapers, but you’ll quickly run out of space.

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I count myself incredibly lucky to be the mother of two wonderful twin daughters! However, raising two small children (at the same time) has made me painfully aware of problems that are, to put it mildly, more difficult than my singleton or one-at-a-time mom counterparts.
One of the most difficult tasks I face is…shopping! Now I’m dreaming about all sorts of shopping. Grocery shopping, Target shopping, window shopping, and clothes shopping are all common activities. These trips need a lot of work and were almost impossible before my daughters could sit up on their own.
The double shopping cart is my saving grace as a twin mom (and potentially all moms with young kids similar in age!). Let me just take a moment to bow down to this thing. Why aren’t they in every store? Do you want me to come into your store and shop? I’m shopping for two babies, and I’m spending almost twice as much on it. You want me in your shop, believe me.
I set out to do some research, and the results of that research are mentioned below. Continue reading to learn about almost any store that offers a double shopping cart (as well as the best alternatives if your favorite store does not)! Oh, and since I’m not naive, I’m aware that this problem affects all nations, you’ll also find lists for the United Kingdom and Canada!

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A rugged gray tech-seal finish protects these shopping carts from the elements. The baskets can be completely nested for compact storage. These shopping carts have 5″ SofRunner wheels for easy maneuverability. The handles and bumpers on the baskets are black plastic. These shopping carts are small and portable.
These EPA-registered sani-cloth wipes are effective against MRSA and H1N1. On things like shopping cart handles and infant seats, these disinfectants destroy common household germs. A canister contains 200 sani-cloth wipes. The disinfectants do not contain alcohol and destroy 99.9% of bacteria in 15 seconds. These sani-cloth wipes are lint-free and non-abrasive. 2800 ppm quaternary ammonium chloride is continuously delivered by these wipes.

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