Domain names containing a specific word

Domain names containing a specific word

Scraping a list of keywords

To see the details of individual URLs, go to the URLs tab, where the URLs are shown alongside columns headed by the text/filter filters. The numbers in each cell reflect the number of times the phrase appeared on each page.
You can easily combine technical crawl data with your extracted data by adding or removing columns, as you can with URL Lists. You can also apply filters to the data to get more detail.
As a result, the ‘All html options’ default option will scan the entire green section from the image above. You may choose to scan only in the head> or the body> (blue or yellow sections), or ‘In the body> but not the a>’.
Finally, we have the dropdown’s bottom option: ‘A particular feature.’ When you choose this, a new box appears underneath it, allowing you to enter the CSS selector for the particular element you want to scrape. Consider the following scenario:
In general, this should be considered a more advanced option; if you don’t know what a CSS selector is, you should avoid it and stick with the others, which are more than sufficient for almost all use-cases.

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This keyword search was created to give you access to even larger domain lists and their interrelationships. This search returns all domains that include the keyword/phrase you specify. You can use it to conduct a trademark quest and control your brand rights in the domain space. After all, it’s your brand domain name that drives traffic to your website and, finally, revenue to your business.
Your subscription plan determines the number of results returned per search request. Please contact us for a complete list of results. The search results are based on our own database, which comprises over 273 million registered and active domains across all gTLDs (with 99 percent coverage) and ccTLDs.
Please bear in mind that they are focused on existing Whois data domains, as well as other TLDs where data is available. Some ccTLDs do not keep Whois records, or only keep partial records. In such instances, the search results are based on the name servers that are already in use. Every two to three weeks, we refresh our servers.

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I’m attempting to count the number of domain names that include a particular word or phrase by country domain, for example, how websites contain the word “fish”? Does anyone have any suggestions about how this could be accomplished? Thank you.
Hello, and thank you for your suggestion. The problem with this method is that it counts all URLs, including those that do not include the term. For instance, if the keyword we’re looking for is “goldfish,” it will return as well as

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Within the Internet, a domain name is an identity string that specifies a sphere of administrative autonomy, authority, or power. Domain names are used for application-specific naming and addressing in a variety of networking contexts. A domain name, in general, describes a network domain or represents an Internet Protocol (IP) resource, such as a personal computer used to access the Internet, a server computer hosting a website, the website itself, or some other service transmitted through the Internet. There were 330.6 million domain names registered in 2017. 1st
The Domain Name System’s rules and procedures give rise to domain names (DNS). A domain name is any name that is registered in the DNS. The DNS root domain, which is nameless, is organized into subordinate levels (subdomains). The top-level domains (TLDs), which include the generic top-level domains (gTLDs), such as the well-known domains com, info, net, edu, and org, as well as the country code top-level domains, are the first-level set of domain names (ccTLDs). The second-level and third-level domain names in the DNS hierarchy are usually available for reservation by end-users who want to link local area networks to the Internet, build other publicly accessible Internet services, or operate web pages.

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