Does discord use a lot of bandwidth

Does discord use a lot of bandwidth

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Discord is a chat framework similar to Skype or networking channels such as Slack. Voice and text chat, video calls, and screen-sharing are all enabled, offering users a variety of ways to link and interact. It has two stages of operation: servers and networks. The server serves as a classroom, and the networks provide an environment conducive to open discussion. Though it rose to prominence as a gaming app, Discord has broadened its branding and services to meet a wider range of communication needs.
It’s easy to use because it’s available on both mobile and desktop. Plus, it has all of the functionality you’d expect from an online classroom. There is a paid alternative called “Discord Nitro” if you want a better experience.
It’s all about the networks these days. You can create voice channels through which everyone can communicate and freely switch between them. You can also build text channels, which provide you with all of the versatility you need to make your tasks easier. (upload files, exchange changes, check previous lessons, etc.)

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For gamers, Discord is similar to Skype. It’s an all-in-one app that allows you to communicate with others when playing online games. It works on both PCs and tablets, making it the ideal gaming communication software.
Though it is mostly used by online gamers, it is also beneficial to YouTube and Twitch streamers. You can quickly handle your followers with Discord. It offers your viewers more options than Twitch’s standard chat window.
However, just like every other online app, Discord may have problems with voice connections. When Discord is stopped while trying to talk to a voice server, this occurs. Discord, an ISP problem, or anything on your end may all be to blame.
Additionally, your ISP or a hacker could throttle or track your favorite all-in-one voice and text chat for gamers.
Doesn’t this sound like a work for a VPN? Most VPNs have one major flaw: they all slow down your connection. Even if they say superfast speeds, you can experience a slowdown. On certain Discord servers, this can be very apparent.

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The majority of long-time Discord users have a similar backstory. They enjoyed playing video games with their parents, so they used TeamSpeak or Skype to communicate with them in-game. They despised TeamSpeak and Skype, but they were the only choices available.
All of those gamers eventually discovered something. They decided to speak to their gaming mates about topics other than sports when they weren’t in a game. Their gaming buddies were also their real-life pals. As luck would have it, a new method named Discord emerged on the market in early 2015. “It’s time to ditch Skype and TeamSpeak,” the tagline said bluntly. It had text chat, which was cool, but it excelled at voice chat over anyone else.
Early users created private servers for themselves and their friends to play on, and a few enterprising ones created public ones in search of new gaming buddies. “I don’t have many IRL friends who play games,” one Discord user, who goes by the name Mikeyy, told me. “So, when I first started playing Overwatch, I formed my first online community… to play games with anyone on the internet. ‘Hey, great, what’s your Discord?’ you’d say after playing a couple of games with someone.”

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As mentioned in the title, I’ve been having this problem for over a year and have yet to find a solution, despite the fact that I’ve verified with Discord support several times before they outright said they couldn’t help me.
The issue is that when I’m on my gaming pc (which is connected to the internet via ethernet), discord/twitch/and these days even steam are all incredibly slow for some reason, like I can’t load any videos on discord, and I download them at like 0.5mb/s or something like that, despite the fact that my internet speed is 240mb/s, and even steam downloads aren’t that quick, like on epicgames. However, to no avail.
I’ve tried reinstalling Discord over 15 times, using various versions of Discord, resetting my network in Windows settings, and a slew of other stuff, but nothing works, and twitch continues to buffer even while I’m watching.

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