Discovery education lesson plans

Discovery education lesson plans

Exploration, discovery, learning — middle school science

In their quest to advance technology in the classroom, Discovery Education offers high-quality, standards-based curriculum to teachers and educators. They have a large library of K-12 lesson plans available to teachers all over the world as part of their mission.
Their Technology lesson plan library covers a wide variety of subjects, with the aim of not only bringing technology to younger students, but also educating and instructing older students about its applications and benefits in our society. Topics range from programming basics for young students to lessons on the history and future of technology, as well as its effect on humanity.

Guided discovery (lesson plan form)

Award-winning interactive content optimized for easy incorporation into a curriculum and correlated to state expectations is accessible through Discovery Education products. The digital media library offers frequently updated multimedia content from a trusted source (the Discovery channel) as well as leading educational publishers on a range of topics. Educators profit from the program in a variety of ways. There will be no more endless rewinding and fast-forwarding, and there will be no more waiting for supplies to arrive.
All material is aligned with state and provincial K-12 curriculum standards, allowing teachers to quickly find just the right content to meet local needs. The full-length videos are broken down into chapters. Enhanced search tools, such as Curriculum Standards Search, Thematic Focus pages, and the Monthly Calendar, help locate appropriate material for lessons easily.
Educators may construct assignments using Assignment Creator and then delegate tasks to individual students or groups using administrative software. Using their own unique student login, students can access assignments via the Internet from anywhere, at any time.

Teaching grammar through guided discovery

Discovery Education Experience provides educators with everything they need to promote teaching and build a lasting educational effect in every learning environment, including engaging high-quality content, ready-to-use multimedia courses, innovative teamwork tools, and realistic technical learning opportunities.
Discovery Education is a global pioneer in providing K–12 classrooms with standards-based interactive learning tools. We have award-winning digital textbooks, multimedia material, and the world’s largest professional development community.

Block coding – level 1: catch the fish from simple inputs

The ten inquiry-based lessons in this series, which were produced for NOAA Voyages of Discovery and the Ocean Explorer WebSite, provide young oceanographers with experience using science data and modeling scientific work and thought. To begin with…
This extensive 13-lesson series covers all the bases when it comes to teaching eighth graders about exponents. Young mathematicians work to prove the Laws of Exponents and think about powers of ten and mathematical notation, among other things.
The atom is explored in four videos. Viewers will hear about Madam Curie’s discovery of the elements Plutonium and Radium, as well as the history of research that contributed to the discovery of the atom’s constituent parts and the method scientists used…
It’s all about the substance. A five-part video series delves into the mysteries of the Periodic Table. Viewers can learn about the properties of atoms and subatomic particles, as well as how they contribute to the Periodic Table’s structure. A new video…
Use this compare-and-contrast reading worksheet to compare and contrast two paragraphs explaining Alexander Fleming’s scientific discovery of penicillin. Scholars clarify what happens by writing, determine if the excerpts are…

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