Discord hide names

Discord hide names

How to create private discord text & voice channels

I’m aware that a server admin may invite multiple discord logging bots to his server. Does the answer to my question shift if any of these bots are present on the server? Or whether the server admin has Discord API access?
No, it’s not true. You will appear offline to a Discord Channel admin. The only way to say whether you’re invisible is to start typing something in either of the channels (regardless of whether or not you actually press enter to send it), so you’ll see a typing indicator next to your name even though you’re offline. However, an administrator must note this because there is no record of whether or not you performed this action previously.
A logging bot will be treated the same as a user or administrator, based on the permissions granted to it, but you have to wonder how efficient it is to record those events. Filling the log with irrelevant details is a waste of space and makes it much more difficult to look back into something. In my log, I would not write “user x started typing.” But I’d keep track of when I entered and when I left, as well as those acts…

How to appear offline on discord! be invisible on discord

To boost its usability, Discord is adding directories, a much-requested organization feature. You can now organize your different networks into groups that you create yourself. You don’t have to look at a never-ending list any longer. Instead, build directories for individual games or groups of mates. That’s awesome, but it just serves one purpose: hiding all the channels you entered and then muted because they have a lot of cool emojis.
Today’s Discord update should include server folders. It works by dragging channels into the desired folder with your mouse. To make navigation easier, you can change the name and color of each folder. This is true for the PC app, the online edition, and the smartphone app.
Folders can assist heavy Discord users in restoring order to the service. I just counted and discovered that I’m on 26 separate servers. That’s an excessive number. I don’t need them all. I’ve turned off all of their alerts. But I also like to check in to see what’s going on in the groups. This is particularly useful for anyone who writes about games, such as myself. I’ll definitely keep a folder for “important games that I don’t play.”

How to make username invisible and server name on

The majority of long-time Discord users have a similar backstory. They enjoyed playing video games with their parents, so they used TeamSpeak or Skype to communicate with them in-game. They despised TeamSpeak and Skype, but they were the only choices available.
All of those gamers eventually discovered something. They decided to talk to their gaming mates about topics other than sports when they weren’t in a game. Their gaming buddies were also their real-life pals. As luck would have it, a new method named Discord appeared on the market in early 2015. “It’s time to ditch Skype and TeamSpeak,” the tagline said bluntly. It had text chat, which was cool, but it excelled at voice chat over anyone else.
Early users created private servers for themselves and their friends to play on, and a few enterprising ones created public ones in search of new gaming buddies. “I don’t have many IRL friends who play games,” one Discord user, who goes by the name Mikeyy, told me. “So, when I first started playing Overwatch, I formed my first online community… to play games with anyone on the internet. ‘Hey, great, what’s your Discord?’ you’d say after playing a couple of games with someone.”

How to make discord username invisible – blank discord name

This template is used on around 3,100 pages, so any changes would be noticeable. Changes may be checked in the /sandbox or /testcases subpages of the prototype, or in your own user subpage. Before making any improvements, talk about them on the talk tab.
Warning: No alerts will be sent if the total number of detected to-be-pinged users in an edit exceeds 50. When previewing the tab, an error message will appear, but not after it has been saved.
Error messages are only shown while previewing a page since the template’s aim is to not generate any output. This template will not produce any production until the page has been saved.
This means there were no usernames listed. When the recipient’s username includes an equal sign, such as secret ping|test=test, this error will occur. Add 1= to the beginning of the username, 2= to the second username, 3= to the third username, and so on to correct this: 1=test=test|hidden ping|1=test=test
No alerts will be sent if the total number of detected to-be-pinged users in an edit exceeds 50. When previewing the tab, an error message will appear, but not after it has been saved. This is due to a limitation in the Echo program that manages alerts (as of August 2015[update]).

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