Discord disable links

Discord disable links

How to disable link preview in discord

The last thing you want when playing a game is for your frame rate to drop. However, if Discord is taxing your CPU in the background, this is exactly what will happen. You can get around this by using Discord’s hardware acceleration feature.
Hardware acceleration isn’t always the solution to all of Discord’s problems. If your graphics card (or PC in general) is having trouble keeping up with modern games, hardware acceleration will worsen the problem, leaving you with no choice but to disable it.
The method of allowing or disabling hardware acceleration in Discord is straightforward. Hardware acceleration isn’t included in the Discord mobile apps or the web client, so you’ll have to use the Discord desktop software on Windows or Mac to do so.
To allow or disable the “Hardware Acceleration” option, click the slider next to it in the “Advanced” section. The setting is active and hardware acceleration is allowed when the slider is shown in green with a check mark.
The Discord client must be restarted after adjusting the setting to allow or disable hardware acceleration. To confirm and restart the client, press “Okay” in the “Change Hardware Acceleration” pop-up window.

How to disable screenshare on your discord server 2020

The majority of long-time Discord users have a similar backstory. They enjoyed playing video games with their parents, so they used TeamSpeak or Skype to communicate with them in-game. They despised TeamSpeak and Skype, but they were the only choices available.
All of those gamers finally discovered something. They decided to talk to their gaming mates about topics other than sports when they weren’t in a game. Their gaming buddies were also their real-life pals. As luck would have it, a new method named Discord appeared on the market in early 2015. “It’s time to ditch Skype and TeamSpeak,” the tagline said bluntly. It had text chat, which was cool, but it excelled at voice chat over anyone else.
Early users created private servers for themselves and their friends to play on, and a few enterprising ones created public ones in search of new gaming buddies. “I don’t have many IRL friends who play games,” one Discord user, who goes by the handle Mikeyy, told me. “So, when I first started playing Overwatch, I created my first online community… to play games with anyone on the internet. ‘Hey, great, what’s your Discord?’ you’d say after playing a couple of games with someone.”

How to block links & server invites on discord

Competing with your mates in CS:GO or Apex Legends is more enjoyable if everyone uses the same instant messaging platform. Having a forum to mess around on, talk in general, and stream gameplay for friends is an important part of the game for many people. If you’re a big fan of video games, you’ve definitely used Discord, which has become the go-to chat platform for gamers over the years. Some games and gaming sites have their own Discord servers where players can find teammates, communicate with tech help, or simply talk.
Scammers, spammers, and trolls, as you would expect, are attracted to broad groups almost as often as people who share a common interest. And if you don’t take care of your privacy and security settings before you start playing or talking on Discord, they can spoil the fun. Here’s how to properly set up the messaging service.
First and foremost, let’s talk about account security. Set a new password if you have an easy one — ideally one that is really long (not sure how?). Numbers, a combination of capital and lowercase letters, and special characters all aid, but the most important factor is length.

How to disable show images videos when posted as link in

# Registering your bot with servers You should have a bot application set up if you’ve followed the previous pages of the guide carefully. However, it has yet to appear on any servers. So, how does that work in practice? Before you can see your bot on your own (or other) servers, you’ll need to add it with a special invite connection that you can build with your bot application’s client ID. # Bot invitation URLs One such connection looks like this in its most simple form: https://discord.com/oauth2/authorize?client id=123456789012345678&scope=bot&client id=123456789012345678&client id=123456789012345678&client id=12345678
The url’s layout is straightforward: RECOMMENDATION A permissions parameter is also available to limit or guarantee the permissions your bot would have on the server to which it is being attached. This (opens new window) website is recommended for its ease of use. DISCLAIMER If you receive an error message that says “Bot needs a code grant,” go to your app’s settings and switch off the “Require OAuth2 Code Grant” option. This checkbox should only be allowed if you have a valid reason for doing so. # Make and use your own invitation connection In order to generate your invite connection, you’ll need to replace the client id parameter with your client’s ID, as discussed above. Return to the My Apps (opens new window) tab and click on your bot application under the “Applications” section to find your app’s ID. Fill in the ID of your app in the connection template, then open it in your browser. This is what you can see (with your bot’s username and avatar): Select the server to which you want to connect it and then press “Authorize.” It’s worth noting that you’ll need the “Manage Server” permission to connect your bot to a server. After that, you should get a nice confirmation message like this: Congratulations on your achievement! Your bot has been successfully connected to your Discord list. It should look something like this in your server’s member list:

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