Disable comodo secure dns windows 10

Disable comodo secure dns windows 10

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Simple method for uninstalling Comodo Secure Dns and resuming normal browsing. It can be completed in three easy steps: 1. Pick properties from your active Internet Connection Status. 2. Next, press Properties on Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4). 3. Make sure “Use the following DNS servers” is verified. Instead, pick Automatically obtain DNS Server Address and click OK.
21st of June, 2018 One-click virus scanning, absolute application control, customizable safety, and personalized protection notifications are just a few of the other security features that make Comodo free virus protection software so strong. To get rid of a computer virus, follow the steps below: Step 1: Switch to Safe Mode. Restart your machine after turning it off.
20.07.2018 Comodo Internet Security Premium Uninstall Instructions To absolutely uninstall CIS Premium from your computer, uninstall the following CIS Premium-related programs:COMODO Internet Security (129.00MB), COMODO GeekBuddy…

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the DNS configurations

Fix dns server not responding in windows 10/8/7- [2021

Connect to your router and log in. You can use your web browser to log in and customize your router. Don’t panic if you don’t know your router’s IP address; it’s usually one of the following:
If you forget the username and/or password for your router, the most popular username is “admin,” and the password is either null, “admin,” or “password.” If none of those options work, you can usually reset the password to the manufacturer’s default by pressing a button on the router, or you can access your router without a password if you try to access it quickly after powering it down.

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Of course, no one will truly be 100 percent. You won’t be able to use programs like yahoo messenger or gtalk because it will block all incoming connections, but you will be able to access the internet. If user an is the administrator of the Windows XP operating system and wants to ban user b from using a web browser, you could set the permissions on iexplore.exe and any other browsers you want to block. The content advisor integrates with Microsoft’s Internet Explorer browser to automatically blacklist pages that violate its content scores. Those who do not have Windows 10 Professional can learn how to use the community policy editor in Windows Home.

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Hello there, I was only reading for hours on the Comodo forums the other day. They may be able to assist you. They have tutorials for all CPF-related. You might want to check it out. http://comodo.com/forums/
Simply open the Comodo Firewall and go to Advanced options > Network protection policy> in the list that appears, find Asus Security Protect Manager and right click > Edit > check the “Use a predefined Security Policy option and set it to Trusted Application in the drop down box. Apply > Apply and then OK. This should take care of your problem. Set this rule for all of your trusted security programs, and choose IE, Firefox, Opera, and other browsers as Browsers.

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