Democratic schools israel

Democratic schools israel

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Hadera’s Democratic High School, for example, was the first Israeli school to implement the model. In 2018, only 18.9% of students there received a high school diploma, compared to 70% of Israeli students as a whole. Just 5% of students at the city’s Givol High School, which was established in 2006 and is also democratic, received a diploma. These two schools were at the very bottom of the city’s ranking.
Just 48.7% of students at the democratic high school in central Kfar Saba received diplomas, the lowest percentage of all of the city’s schools except the schools for at-risk youth. Around 90% of students graduate with diplomas from the remaining ten Kfar Saba high schools.
66.7 percent of students in the democratic school in Modi’in Maccabim-Reut graduate with diplomas, compared to 57.9% in Kiryat Ono. Shvilim High School in Pardes Hanna-Karkur has the lowest graduation rate of the city’s three high schools, at 44.4 percent. The democratic high school in Tel Aviv has a graduation rate of 61.1 percent, which is among the city’s lowest.

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Without its years-long partnership with Israeli representatives of democratic and especially Sudbury schools, the Sudbury School Ammersee would be unthinkable. Israeli experts have already attended the school’s establishment, provided a decisive impetus, and assisted in its growth and assessment, even more so after its opening, through ongoing coaching.
Democratic schools, of which Sudbury-Schools are a part, are a well-established educational form in Israel and should not be overlooked in a pluralistic educational landscape. Israel has the most democratic educational institutions in the country. Representatives like Yaakov Hecht (founder of the democratic school of Hadeira) have been named as government advisors as a result of democratic schools’ achievements. According to a government-commissioned report, the Sudbury School in Jerusalem is Israel’s most peaceful school. According to experts, Israel is two decades ahead of Germany in terms of democratic education.

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The AERO team attended the International Democratic Education Conference in Israel from March 26 to April 5. This was the IDEC’s fifth visit to Israel, where the organization began in 1993 with a meeting arranged by school founder Yaacov Hecht at the Hadera Democratic School.
In comparison to other nations, Israel’s democratic education situation is really out of this world. In Israel, there are currently thirty public or semi-public democratic schools. The Democratic School of Hadera, which hosted the conference for the first two days, now has 500 students in its significantly reconstructed building site, with plans to increase to 800 students next year. On those days, an estimated 3000 people attended, including students, teachers, and parents from other democratic schools throughout Israel. At the opening ceremony, Hadera’s mayor announced that the city plans to build a fourth democratic school, with the intention of enrolling all of the city’s students in democratic schools. There are schools in which students have a say in how the school is run and have the right to learn whatever they want.

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Yaacov Hecht takes readers on a journey through personal exploration, the past of the Democratic School of Hadera, and the theories and realistic implementation of democratic education in Democratic Education: A Beginning of a Tale.
Hecht weaves the stories of students, teachers, and parents with theories of education, progress, and teaching methods as he recounts the founding and early years of the Democratic School of Hadera. Hecht shares how he and others overcame the hidden obstacles of starting a school outside of the standardized norm, armed with an unwavering commitment to and unconditional respect for students.
Yaacov Hecht is a world-renowned pioneer and revolutionary in the fields of democratic education, learning theory, and social transformation. Hecht founded the Democratic School in Hadera, Israel, in 1987, which was the world’s first democratic school. Hecht assisted in the establishment of a network of democratic schools in Israel as a result of the school’s success. He organized the first International Democratic Education Conference (IDEC) in 1993, which continues to bring together educators, colleges, and organizations every year. Hecht created the Institute for Democratic Education in Israel (IDE) shortly after, with the aim of bringing about reform in the public school system through democratic education principles. Hecht established an academic faculty for DE teachers within IDE. From its inception in 1995 to 2010, he served as the organization’s chairman. Hecht was called one of the top ten most prominent people in Israel’s social and educational fields by “The Marker,” Israel’s largest economic journal, in 2005.

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